Iris Ann
Iris Ann
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Patience is a virtue and one of my best assets, along with accuracy, compassion andunderstanding. A session with me allows you to stay on track and stay the course.


I have been a psychic my entire life, and as a young girl I started realizing my dreams were coming true.  Psychic ability runs in our family by way of our female lineage, so it wasn't a surprise to them when I demonstrated the gift of clairvoyance as a young girl. 


I have been a professional psychic advisor over 20 years and for the better part of those years I have been reading with this same company. Over the years, I have had several spiritual teachers and mentors in metaphysics, developing psychic gifts, Tarot, astrology, spirit guides, numerology, signs, world religions, meditation, among others.  I have taught workshops on psychic phenomenon, dream interpretation, and understanding signs and messages shown to us by spirit, but my true satisfaction is helping people find their answers to life’s challenges and its many mysteries.


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Excellent reading
- Sridhar Swapni
Amazing, accurate psychic reading from Psychic Iris. I really enjoyed the reading She was accurate. I would like to thank Iris for her advice & visions.
- TN
Clear - Compationate
Iris can and has the ability to connect with you and your energy. I asked her concerning a love interest. Time has not allowed for me to verify her message to me concerning him.
- Fire of Aries
I was VERY impressed with Iris. I gave her only my name and birthdate and was amazed at how accurate she was!! Didn't have to feed her any extra information, she was just bang on. Worth the money!
- car-car
Great detail!
Great reading!
- penbur
Love her!
Gives so much insight! Always such a good reading!
- penbur
She is very insightful
She talks real calmly and tells you what she sees and feels about your situation. Kinda slow to speak but I guess thats because she is focusing on your situation spiritually using her gifts. She is gifted....just make sure you enough funds to speak with her for a while.
- Queenzofbay
Thank you! So accurate! Great insight!
- Sol
She's honest and gives you positive and hope!
- Twinkly56
Her predictions change but she still good!
- Twinkly56
- indira
She is a good reading but then she starts getting a little too chatting and it takes up all your money
- indira
Never change
Her readings never change, and she's always on point!
- Twinkly56
This was my first call, and she really made feel at ease. A wonderful reading!
- indira
Great reader
She really put my mind at ease!
- indira
Iris was right to it and provided me with a good idea of how things sit with the situation I am in. She got right on point and provided some wonderful insight.
- jmac32here
Thank you!
Thank you Iris!
- Twinkly56
Great reading!
Iris is very accurate, kind and offers great strategy. She stays consistent with her predictions and has proven to be very reliable. A truly gifted gem!
- Sol
For Iris' Psychic Ability
This is a rating for Iris' psychic ability... By the way, her horoscope interpretations were also top class in mt opinion - WAY BETTER than some who advertise them!!
- Dreamer
She was so nice to acknowledge my praying for a lady that turned the situation to a clearer outcome.
- A
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