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I have been involved with metaphysics and the paranormal since around 11 years old, and I have been a professional psychic for almost 30 years. For the past 20 years I have been a proud member of the psychic circle family.

I am a certified personal trainer, an adventurer and professional treasure salvor, and while no longer involved with an agency, I am still licensed as a private investigator in the state of Florida. A U.S. Navy veteran, I am world traveled and have used my abilities successfully with law enforcement.

I love sharing my abilities and helping others. My goal is to bring clarity to the events in one’s life and to create a better understanding of the past and present so that you can take control of your future.


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Great Review
Frank is always very accurate when he makes predictions. His readings are always right on the money, and he is very professional and nice! I highly encourage you to get a reading from Frank!
- Rebecca
My go to psychic
Frank is quick, straightforward and to the point when he’s answering your question. Everything he told me it came to pass besides being a great advisor. He’s my go to psychic for sure!
- Irena
Nice Guy
Nice guy, friendly, but I didn't think we connected, He tried to answer my 2 questions, but stated he needed more time, I ended the call, No worries, we just did not connect,
- Pleasant
Straight forward
I love how direct Frank is. He’s straight to the point and doesn’t waste your time. He picks up on things very quickly and gives great advice. Thank you!
- Samiam
Frank was very wise and provided some clarity!!! He helped me understand who had my best interests and who didn't. He is right that I do have to focus on myself first and distance myself from individuals who are self-absorbed.
- SH
Just great!
He was AMAZINGGGGGG. He’s definitely been my most favorite reading.
- Ashanti
I loved the fact that he didn’t ask me questions and was able to read off my energy and I really was upset my time ended
- Ree
Truly Gifted
Another successful reading. Frank truly has a gift and I’m thankful that I can connect with him to get some sound advice with my love situation. He knows my entire life story and his predictions keep coming to pass! He will always be my go to person. Thanks again Frank
- Quako
Best Advisor
I’ve been consulting Frank for many years and almost everything he’s predicted has come to pass. I must say, he gives some of the best advice. He’s passionate about his work and will not sugarcoat or fabricate anything to make you feel better. He tells you the truth as he should. He helps you navigate through any issues you're going through and gives you great feedback and solutions to those issues . Thank You Frank, you’re truly a gift and may God and the universe continue to bless you!
- Quako
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