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For as long as I can remember, I have seen and heard the ancestors when others were not aware. When I was in kindergarten and playing with my classmates I finally understood that others did not see and hear as I did. Now in my adulthood, my skills are stronger than ever and I am able to control them, (more or less,) to a much greater extent, which enables me to hone into a client’s needs, clarify the issues and provide an outcome or solution.  

As I am of Native American descent, both my Great Grandmother and Grandmother had the gift of prognostication. Two of my sisters as well. However I am the only one of us to pursue a career in the occult arts. I began studying the Zodiac in depth in 1978. An Englishman named Tommy recognized my talents and bought me my first pack of Tarot Cards in 1982.  He encouraged me to study them well to maintain control of my gifts and use them wisely.  Before December 2003 I simply wanted to “Amaze My Friends” and read for fun, especially throughout the 1980s. Since then I have trained and studied with other Mystics and Astrologers nationwide. I study astrology, numerology, the multiple meanings and combinations of tarot cards, runes and dice. Additionally and in spite of my links to spirit guides, in my opinion it is essential to pursue information on a weekly and monthly schedule to ensure an accurate and equitable outcome for clients. 


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I had a very interesting reading with Wendy, I hope that the predictions she gave come to pass. I like the fact that she didn't waste my time and $$ and responded quickly with answers... TBC will call again. Thanks
- Carol
Wendy was great, thoughtful sincere and very helpful
- FH
She's great. I will reach out again!
Thank you so much. My next call will be about my future career. Ha!
- Temicka
She does give you useful info but she only talks about what she wants to and it’s extremely difficult to ask questions about what you really want to know....
- Gk
Love Wendy
Wendy very energetic tunes in gives good insight!
- member18
Great! I needed clarity on my career situation she reviewed both sides of the issue and gave me an answer which let me to make the best decision! I love her honesty and she is very intuitive!
- member18
Great help!
Wendy tunes in answered all questions! Gave me great suggestions that I could use! She was very helpful! Gave accurate timelines!
- member18
Wendy is good at answering all your questions! She zeroed in and gave me clarity! I can now think very clearly in knowing what to do with business, finances, family etc She nailed all subjects like no one can! She has helped me a lot in the last 2 days!
- member18
Wendy tunes right in! She gave me dates of the months of exact when to do things: I spoke with her months ago and she predicted good with time. She also picked up good things with money coming my way with the projects I have now! She gave me clarity on all events that were going on and I felt like I knew what to do after speaking to her She was a really big help. Wendy is very intuitive! She picks up a lot of things and gives you details! She has great positive energy always seems interested in helping others. I will most definitely be in touch with her again!
- member18
Wendy is very intuitive, picks up so much detail behind any question. She makes you feel great after every call!
- member18
Wendy is very energetic she give you this great feel when you are talking to her! She picks up a lot as you speak to her. Wendy is very detailed and descriptive picking up on people feelings etc. I was going through a little of a rough day! She really made my day after talking to her!
- member18
Wow! Wendy was very friendly! She connected so quickly answered my questions and had so many details to back it up. She picked up so many positive things to come for the next few months. Wendy is very gifted and was a lot of help!
- member18
Wendy was so nice the minute we got on the phone it was like I was talking to my best friend!!! Let's see if things go right with my ex girlfriend.....thanks Wendy I'll be calling back for a update!!
- Shakedda5/6 Taurus
When you spend the time to open up issues with a psychic you can find truth to things you miss on short calls.. Excellent!! Thank you
- Giddyup
Oh my Gosh!@!!@! She cracked an egg in my relationship and an eye opening reality of help.. Wow Thank you for the help I so need it.. I am in a situation that is not good for me.. and need help to move out and onward...
- Giddyup
Very impressive
Wonderful insight. Very friendly, quick and to the point. The past and present reading was accurate, and I believe that the future reading will also come to pass. As soon as predictions unfold, I will def call back. Thanks!
- alive
Was a little to much all over the place. Lets wait and see for predictions.
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