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I am an intuitive Tarot reader, Astrologer, and Spiritual Guide. I will use my gifts to provide you a higher understanding of events and an insight into your life’s path. 


I am a first generation practicing psychic who discovered my gift at a very young age. I studied natal astrology, self-taught tarot, and I combine intuition and instinct which produces clairvoyance, the ability to see situations clearly. I’ve also participated in the Rosicrucian studies in Spiritual and Natal Astrology as a key to the Spirit, which was designed toward spiritual development and self-knowledge, as well as an aid to healing through Astro-Diagnosis. I am guided by God, Source and Spirit Guides. I now have been doing this work professionally for 30 years and the key to life has always been and still is “Love”. When I guide others through their life decisions and life obstacles, towards the direction of love and light it gives me great satisfaction.


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Thank you 😊
- Shannon
Mary is very comforting and wise. I felt she tapped into some good energy/advice for me. I was glad I called.
- B
Tapped In
Just a short amount of time with Mary, and she’s helped me be still with myself. Her connection to the divine was present, and she’s a vessel of truth. Thank you, Mary. Take care.
- Alayna
Mary is awesome!!
Hi I forgot to say in my last review, Mary really knows what is going on in the situations and what people really are feeling and what their thoughts are about someone or something!!❤⚘🌠
- Sunlight100
Mary is so wonderful!!
Thank you very much Mary!!❤🌟. Wow amazing, she sees how people feel and I have to wait on her predictions to happen!!
- Sunlight100
I love this woman she is the absolute best she is so accurate with her details and information & gave me all the insight I needed thank you so much Mrs Mary for helping me understand my relationship better🥰🥰
- Keiiii
Awesome reading
Thank you Mary for the insight I feel relieved like fresh breath of air! Lol...enjoyed the talk and know it's gonna be ok.
- KodakGal37
Had a reading with her and felt completely confident with everything she said. It made sense and it was overall accurate
- Jess
My go to advisor!
Quick but detailed. Honest but kind. ALWAYS ON POINT! A quality advisor and my go to!!
- Love Sick
Great Reader
Mary is very fast, professional, very detailed! Always on point, I call her for clarity and she helps me to make the right decision!
- member18
Mary reads situations like a book! She picks up each side of the situation and helps you to make the best outcome! all the time I have spoken to her she has been fast and on point! She saw success coming soon!
- member18
Mary is the best! She tunes right into your question quick and give you a lot of details! She carefully evaluate each side of the situation fast and accurately!
- member18
Mary tuned right into my question and answered all my questions very fast ! She gave me a lot of details behind it and help me weigh my options! Gave me a conclusion and clarity on what will be the best decision! She was excellent and gave details!
- member18
very calming yet straightforward
My 1st experience on Psychic Power was with Mary in early Sept. and I have to say that she is a very calming yet straightforward advisor. She knows how to describe what she sees with detail and gives appropriate advice while being objective. She will never impose her personal opinions on your reading. She's very organized with her readings as well and remembers speaking to you when you call her again. So far all she has said is happening exactly as she said it would. Thanks Mary.
- T.A.
Direct, Detailed and to the point
Very detailed on how I should approach my careers search and how I should approach the issues I am having a work until I am able to move, very encouraging and reassuring and reminding me that change is coming that would be a good fit for me and what I would be looking for. Was also able to help me understand the motive and mind set of persons I feared were not for me. She was perfectly right. What she revealed to me was forthcoming when I met with them and talked through my issues. Mary prepared well for this role/meeting. Very direct, detailed and to the point. Thanks Mary for guiding and preparing me
- KS
Very Insightful
Mary was very insightful, although my wait seems a lot longer than what I wanted to hear I was comforted by knowing that a higher power pulled the person I am missing away for a bit. I wish I had more time but my question was answered
- LC
Always a great reading
I should be leaving multiple reviews for all of Mary's wonderful readings. Over time, she has proven to be very accurate with her ability to pick up on situations and her predictions are spot on. She is very calm, reliable and a great go-to person for whatever comes up. Thank you, Mary!
- CaliGal
Loved her!
She did a great job!
- penbur
Mary is Always Right
Mary is consistently right in her predictions! She reads people well, and things usually play out the way she predicts. She is calm, a great listener, and is very gracious about her abilities. I have found her to be very reliable, trustworthy and kind.
- LunaBella
accurate, not always what you want to hear
Truthful and will give you the right answer, not just what you are hoping for
- penbur
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