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I am a psychic medium and life coach, who is highly praised for my compelling accuracy and guidance provided during a session. Having over 8 years of experience, there has been a continuous dedication in my passion towards helping others. I have shared my abilities with clients internationally, as well as on television, the radio, private sessions, and public events. 


I started seeing spirit at the age of 7, a natural gift passed down from my father’s side. I also experienced an early awakening as a child, following a near death drowning experience. The moment I discovered I could help others with my gift, it has been a passion that continues to grow over the years


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In Alignment :)
It's such a comfort to share my life with a talented reader as Alex :) I thank her for the encouragement and confirmation that I'm in alignment...
- E-FromTheEastCoast
Third party? reading
It's E from a state with rather strict gun laws! Lol! Thank you, Alex!! So he has a past life connection with me but also with her.. You're in alignment with my long time clairvoyant counselor on that, and with just about everyone on the point that he thinks I get (understand) him :) PLUS you gave me additional info/prediction that no one else has (at least in the past few years)! Interesting and exciting :D
- EF-rom aStateWithStricterGunLaws
The Only Advisor You’ll Ever Need
I feel so blessed to have met Alex. She’s been such a great advisor, and I will go ahead and say - Friend. That’s truly the energy she brings to her readings. I’ve had a few readings with her already, and she’s been almost spot on to the things that she sees. I’m always amazed and so refreshed after my readings. Thank you so much, My Friend !
- Josh
She knows a lot, very talented she has me wowed she knew everything before I even told her! I will be calling her back soon ASAP! * not a fake review* this is the only one I will be calling for now on
- Cat
Lovely woman enjoy every moment when talking to her.
- Zoe
She is very skilled and doesn't need any tools. When I called in, she didn't ask any names or places and was hitting everything on the head. I am very gifted myself, I just like to get conformation. SHE'S SOOOO SWEET, AND REALLY KNOWS HER STUFF. I think that she is the best by far. Thank you soooooooooooooo much Alex. I will definitely come back soon
- Reginald
Very easy to speak with
I was very comfortable speaking to Alex. She is very pleasant and understanding. She was able to answer my questions and add additional info that came to her. I am anxious to see if things occur as she thinks they will. I will touch base with Alex again. Thank you, Alex!
- Brenda
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