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I am a down-to-earth Psychic, Medium, Life Coach with a supernatural flair. I will always be respectful of your feelings and your issues


I have over 30 years of experience providing professional caring psychic readings.  I have worked with all types of individuals and families. I am a psychic, clairvoyant, medium empath, spiritual counselor, and clairaudient.


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Lovely soul and so compassionate she didn’t sugarcoat a thing Claire kept it real with me and I love that about her.She’s the best for sure.
- Zoe
Very Gifted Lady
Claire is sooooo accurate about the guys I asked about. She's able to pick up their EXACT personality right away, and she sounded like she can see my face and knows what I look like, I'm simply shocked. I cannot thank her more for all the information she's given to me, it really opened up my mind and helped me move forward to the next step towards my career and relationship. Thank you :)
- Karen
Claire loved speaking with you. Another great find. Call you again..
- Giddyup
Omg 😭
I was so nervous to talk to her at first As soon as she picked up on the problem in our situation because I just knew she was the real deal and I might hear sumn I won’t like lol , I’m definitely callling back tomorrow
- Kayla
Great connection
I enjoyed talking to Claire again. She picks up on my energy and other people's energies quick and accurately. She is straightforward and honest which is what I need. I will call her soon to follow up on today's message.
- Leb
She picked up things that he has told me verbatim ! I will reach out again once predictions pass which I know they will. She seems to align with everything I know and truly feel in regards to this situation.
- Lorena
Claire was very kind, accurate and straight to the point!!! She is the real deal.
- Nurse
She is wonderful
- Shakilla
She's the real deal
she's sweet and accurate
- V
Truth teller
I tried not telling her everything and I talked to her about several people that have passed away I never told her how they died and for each person she nailed it she knew how they died mind blowing she tells the truth whether we like to hear it or not but sometimes what we don't want to hear is closure and I thank her for that
- Yesenia
Am speechless...
I usually write reviews but I had to say this...She’s the BEST on this site my favorite woow alot information 100% accurate I ll definitely call her again
- Vanessa
Confident Reading
She reads smoothly and effortlessly. Gives confidence in her reading. I trust her consultation completely and am delighted to have met her. We'll meet again.
- Cristie
First time speaking to her
Not much to say except to just call she is definitely worth it and I will call her from here on out.
- LovelyLeah
Thank u!!!!
She’s amazing!!! Hit everything on the spot!! Great energy!!! Book I promise you won’t regret it! I spent about 40 mins on the phone with her soon call back :) thank u!!!!
- Kayyy!!!
I cant wait to speak to her again. she was so easy to talk to and very spot on with everything!
- Royal
She's good
Claire gave me some good insight. I'm happy that my job will work out. Learned some not so great things for my love life though
- Lori
She’s spot on
She gave accurate info about me and my POI.. I only gave her a name. Give her a call your won’t regret it. I will be contacting her again. She’s the best!!
- Aja
She is amazing, she picked up on things only I knew! :)
- Brianna
Blown away
She is so spot on. The best psychic on here! She picked up on details only I would know. Thank you! :)
- A
The real deal! I will be coming back to speak with Claire. She was spot on and immediately picked up on my energy and gave a valid reading. She gave me hope, reassurance and left me feeling less anxious and blessed. I just wanted to hug her and express my gratitude. No psychic has made me feel as connected in such a short time. Bless you, Claire!
- Stacey
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