Sister Love
Sister Love
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For years I have been lovingly called Sister Love because I have guided many to find their true love, and others to mend their broken hearts. 


I’ve known that I was psychic ever since I was five years old. I could always sense when someone was calling on the phone before the phone rang, and I could see when a person was coming to the door.  At that young age I wasn’t sure what was going on, but my mother who was a spiritualist knew. She too had been there before. As I grew older, so did my gift.  I was aware of the strong energy around several people and I could tell them that certain events were about to take place. I could even feel and sense what to avoid myself. I was very aware of my gift and wanted to help as much as I could. After my schooling I decided that my calling was to help people from all over the world, and that is when I started reading professionally both privately and on the psychic line, and I have been doing this now for over 45 years


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Always a pleasure talking to her. She gave me a lot of info and told me that he will be back here and married me
- stefanie
Amazing! Love Marva’s honesty!
Marva is a straight shooter. She was honest and told me my ex will not contact me, it’s over. I’m so thankful for her honesty. Most of my trusted readers tell me different, but I believe Marva because my ex never goes out of his way for me. I look forward to meeting the decent, good looking, financially stable, fun loving man in a couple of months. Also mentioned that my son will get a job promotion in 1 to 2 months with the same company. I will definitely post outcomes. Thank you kindly Marva!!
- LifeIsBeautiful
She is a blessing!
I wouldn't know what to do without this blessed woman. She is honest, insightful, peaceful, loving and yet gets to the depth of the issue so quick. She is straight-forward and firm and does not waste any time, which is quite remarkable and deserves respect. Really exceptional person she is. Thank you.
- brstar
One of the Best- VERY UNDERRATED!
Sista Love AKA Marva has been on point for years! I spoke with her 7 years ago at which time she presented the exact time frame I would move to a new location, along with what would transpire during my job search and hiring process. She has been spot on about items around my business, and just as spot on about relationships. I believe she has been grossly underrated because she is honest. She doesn't mean harm just want you to get the answers you need to move beyond your barriers- I've stayed away in the past when I wasn't ready for the TRUTH. Yet, when and if you are ready to stop wasting money, or have the life you desire materialize- CALL MARVA!
- In Maryland
Outstanding and a truly great woman!
She has a way of precisely knowing my concerns without me saying. She is fast, to the point and there is another layer of understanding and kindness. It is an extraordinary layer to her and her way of explaining things. She let you know what you need to know for moving forward without wasting any time.
- brstar
Amazing & accurate!
Love her! She is accurate, to the point, fast, doesn't waste minutes. Mind-blowing. A great woman.
- brstar
An Incredible Woman
At different phases of life, I've called on Marva a.k.a Sister Love. She has predicted matters exactly as they happened. She has been especially on in the area of business and career for me. She's been worth every penny.
- Maryland
Marva you are awesome, the real deal. Thanks!
- brazil*
She connected very well
- zariia863
I was nearly left in tears after my reading with Marva! tears of joy that is!. I felt the reading was so sincere and accurate, it had some good and not so good in it but in life that is reality and you can't always just hear the good. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for such an in depth reading and for giving me the nitty gritty on my situation. I will definetly call her again!
- spiritangel
Reading Was Accurate!!
I received a reading from Marva on March 9 where she predicted that I would meet someone by the end of March, first of April that would be a great match for me. She was 100% accurate. I met a man that matched the description that she provided on March 17th. We are currently dating and things seem to be going well. I appreciate that she is always quick with her answers and doesn't dig for information. Her predictions for me have always been accurate - even when it was something I didn't want to hear. I have been speaking with Marva for several years now and she has never been wrong in her predictions for me. Thank you so much for your guidance!!!
- Linda5925
Direct Amazing Advisor
My second time to have her blunt sweet advices , thou I LOVE it .She is really true and honest on her readings. She's not judgemental ,she'll tell ypu based from ..... whatever is showing from her spiritual vision. I will call her again
- Speedygo
On point
I enjoy Marva''s reading style: direct and quick. Now to see if what she says come true.
- all4hope
Marva's reading was on point and it only took 9 minutes. Quick and accurate. She said that I would hear from him within three days and he called me the next day. Now to wait and see if the other predictions come true as well. Thanks Marva! ???
- all4hope
My New Favorite
I love Marva's direct quick readings. I feel better after talking with her each time. She peg my guy right away and am waiting to see if her reading comes true like the last one. Thanks're in my Fave Five for this site! ???
- all4hope
So sweet!
Loved my reading very spot on, detailed on facts. she conected with me instantly and I felt well taken care of. Very satisfied with her insight confirming other readings, I definately recomend her.
- Solpr
Terrific! amazing! Awesome!
What else can I say? Terrific! Amazing! Awesome! Inspiring! Genuine! Caring! Helpful! Love you Marva! Thank you again and again and again!!! We spoke for 45 minutes this time and I can't wait to contact Sister Love again next week. More power to you!
- GS
Direct, No B.S., to the Point, and on Point
Thanks Marva. You were right you said he would pop up and contact me at a time I least expected. You were on point because he contacted me four days later after several months of silence and him not responding it was definitely when I least expected it. I will follow your advice and have patience and let Spirit work this out and to remember that anything good takes time. Will call you again soon. Thanks!
- all4hope
I could listen to her forever
I was speaking with Marva ("Sister Love") and I could listen to her forever. Thank you Marva for my reading, thank for your advice what I should do with the issue that I'm experiencing and thank you for being a virtual sister to me. I can't say thank you and/or I love you enough. I will definitely speak to you soon, either tomorrow like I said or Saturday after work. I sincerely hope people read this because Sister Love is the real thing!!!
- GS
Great reading!
great reading
- stefanie
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