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I am a third generation psychic dedicated to recognizing patterns, removing blocks, turning  dreams into reality, and creating a life filled with endless possibilities.


I was born psychic but did not realize it until about age 5 when I started to express the things I saw and knew with my grandmother. I then learned that she too was born psychic. She told me that our psychic lineage could be traced back through many generations.  My grandmother mentored me and helped me to understand and embrace my gifts. She taught me to use my gifts in positive ways to help others.  I saw spirits and predicted things before they happened, but as I grew older my ability to see sprits went away, however my abilities of predictions, dreams, and the use of tarot cards grew stronger and stronger. I have over 30 years professional experience helping others understand why certain events happen to them or others in their life.


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Thank you
Thank you I will update you on how things go in my situation and will come back if predictions come to pass !
- Kayla
very good
she was direct and honest. I really appreciated her honesty.
- Rick
Amazing. Nice
I felt better and lifted after talking to her. She made me feel like everything is going to be okay . I have my go to person now.
- Ariel
Incredibly Intuitive
I have a lot of respect for readers who are honest & straightforward, Leigha is one of them! Thank you for such a great reading. R & O it seems will not go anywhere, but the fact that you see someone new coming into my life in the near future is music to my ears. Rest assured that I will post your predictions if they come to pass. Thank you kindly. Stay safe!
- Life Is Beautiful
Very caring, very sincere, I've spoken to her off and on for the past 6 years
If you want someone who can understand your feelings and does show you empathy when hard times hit us... she is the one. I've been talking to her for 6 years. She picks up the feelings of other people, whether good or bad, and gives you insight on how it will effect you. If you someone who is extremely accurate on other peoples feelings, then call her. Thank you. Leigha.
- Kathy Thrall
Her prediction came to pass.
Was waiting with the review to see if her words were legit. She nailed the new guy and all that has happened today with incredible accuracy!!!!! She told me a week ago about this guy I was Ready to see and about what will happen. His side , my side, outcome..... I started laughing when things started to unfold right in-front of me , exactly the same way she has said it.
- Gabriella
A True Friend
Leigha really cares for you as a friend. She's very quick and to the point, has humor, and quite sharp most of the time. Depending on the connection, you can get a whole detailed description of an event or person, like the person's actions (humming because of happiness, pacing the floor, making a gesture) and the situation around!
- Gemini Moon
First time caller! Fast, honest, accurate! Very detailed, positive, gave insight for the future! Good things to come! Friendly and reassure everything would be fine!
- member18
Precise & Excellent!
This is a long overdue review. On my first call back in 2017, she said it would not work out with the man at the time but I would meet someone else for long-term. The old guy didn't work out(I am glad) and I met a new man as she described. She is to the point, very accurate how she sees the situation, insightful, provids honest and solid no-nonsense guidance. I have spoke to many but she is excellent! (many bulshit, misguide you and waste funds).
- brstar
One of the best
I talked with Leigha today for the first time. I’ve talked with other advisors on this site, and I must say I’m most impressed with Leigha. She was to the point, and HONEST. She told me it won’t work out with this guy because A, B, and C. All of which were behavior patterns I am already aware of, so I know it to be true. Other advisors said opposite, that it will work out with this guy. But my gut tells me Leigha is right. She also said I will meet someone more significant, and gave a timeframe. She gave good insight into what it will be like meeting this guy and told me a bit about him. I feel she was very honest. I also asked her about work and everything she said matched up there too. I left the reading feeling free, with no lingering questions or feeling as if I was being fed false hope. I normally only give 4 stars until predictions pass but I will give 5 stars today because I am completely satisfied with this reading. In the future she is the only advisor I will call.
- Brwneyes507
Thank you best reading ...all good ... thank you
- Redcloud
Quick and to the point
Leigha is always super quick to get the situation! She's also very expressive and thorough in her explanations. Describes what's going on in a person's mind with a touch of humor, and altogether talks in a fun way.. :)
- Moon in Gemini
good reading
tunes in well and doesn't waste your time, thank you
- AH
On the money...
thank you. very interesting reading. i thought it was right on the money.
- jkcnc
Thank you thank you! Leigh is truly the best one in here, she doesn't sugar code it and say it the way it is. I of course tested her with a question I already knew the answer to and she is the only who didn't fall into the trap... she told me: I rather be honest, I dont see it. Thank you for your honesty. and the best part she doesn't make you waste your time and money. Thank you again!
- Marie5454
very reassuring
dont tell you what you want to hear but very calming and reassuring. thank you :)
- Marie5454
Touched by an Angel
I was very satisfied with my reading this morning (Sept 1st). Leigha was very good. It was like speaking to an Angel. I’ll definitely be calling her again.
- Manolita
Thank You!
Wonderfully gifted helpful and sweet!
- mtnditti
another great reading
prediction came to pass, thank you Leigha
- Mistressleia
waiting for things start realizing
- Hero
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