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I am a Tarot Grand Master and Intuitive Guide, focused on empowering, providing clarity, imparting wisdom, and establishing succinct directions.


I have always been intuitive, even before I knew what the word meant. Dreamtime also came through to me loud and clear – I remembered everything about my dreams, and was never afraid of them. The female members in my family all have this gift, although some of them did not want to acknowledge it.

I walked a year and a day with a coven when I was in my mid-twenties. It is not my path per se, but it is part of my path. I read all the books that I could get my hands on in metaphysical fields, and took classes when I could. I have learned a great deal from Internet groups, and have attended Tarot conferences with NWTS (Northwest Tarot Symposium) and the Readers School. I was blessed to meet many people at these conferences over the years.

I have been reading professionally for over twenty-two years. I enjoy working with my clients, helping them to get a fresh perspective on their situations, and define their options. It leaves me with a very nice feeling when I know that I have been able to help bring clarity and a sense of purpose to my clients. My goal for all of my clients is that they become self-confident, are able to set personal boundaries, and have a clear perspective of their lives.


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Wow def worth the call
- Janvan
Extremely Calming and Empowering
I am extremely pleased with my reading with Bonnie. I have never left a reading before feeling so empowered and excited for my future. She is very gifted at picking up energies and I look forward to the end of this year. I will be back to update for sure!
- E
Thank you
Thank you for your honesty & clarity. Bonnie brought things to the table & explained it in detail. Very accurate regarding POI. Straight forward & I was very comfortable speaking with her & cleared up anything I did not understand. Thank you as you have brought clarity to this situation🥰
- Vc
Thank you Bonnie for always being there. Your are like a good friend who cares about me and my peace if mind.
- Rhonda
Very Good
I truly enjoyed my reading with Bonnie. She touched on some key points about my mate that were absolutely true.
- KHall
Very intelligent
Bonnie has become my go to advisor she’s very smart very well spoken and she gets to the bottom of things she’s usually very busy and I get in line only time will tell with her predictions but I’m hopeful it will come to pass as she’s been very accurate with picking things up about my person of interest
- Tee
The One !
I am excited to share that I haven't experienced such fulfilling reading with anyone but Bonnie. She is much more than a Psychic. Her words are meaningful and only talks about what relates to YOU. I love how she speaks with a wonderful flow yet stops to explain everything in details when you want her to go deeper into certain situations. Anyone can tell you personality traits based on DOB through astrology using the internet! Bonnie explains situations and tells you what caused it and also tells you what its going to be resulted in..... Much much more to write about her wonderful work. But just give her a call and you'll see.
- GK
Bonnie is a,Great person Her readings are very accurate and dependable. She has always been there for me and took the time to explain things in a understanding and thorough manner. She is wonderful.
- Sunshine
Loved Bonnie
- D1
Bonnie has a way of keeping me grounded and hopeful for a wonderful future.
- A. Non
Bonnie is so good at what she is able to see and relay to me. So sweet and brings in humor as needed to make me feel better about my future.
- A. Non
Bonnie is remarkable! She tunes in so quickly and most importantly accurate.
- A. Non
Bonnie has helped me cope with.a difficult work situation. It is so much appreciated.
- A. Non
Bonnie is such a pleasure to speak with. Her readings are so on point.
- A. Non
Thank you so much for the guidance in both my professional and personal life.
- A. Non
Bonnie is amazing! So talented and spot on with her predictions.
- A. Non
Thank you!
Im.always overjoyed to see Bonnie is on line and live her down to earth personality!! She is sweet and kind and tells like she see it with amazing accuracy! Thank you my friend for sharing your gifts!
- VR
Shared a person would return to the fold immediately via communication. As soon as we hung up, the person re-engaged contact and engaged most of the evening. Simply amazing the skill Bonnie has as it regards tarot cards, along with her gift of foresight.
- Humble in Maryland
Thank you so much for sharing your gift. You are so straightforward; it’s much appreciated.
- A. Non
11/19 She was accurate with my situation. Said wakeup call in Nov-Dec. His coming back. Reconcile in 2019. Happening really fast. He thinks about the family wanting to come back.. I can't wait for things to unfold. Thank you Bonnie
- Fire aries
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