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I am a Clairvoyant, a Spiritual Advisor and a Healer. I will not use tools during your reading, but I will connect to you by reading your energy. My readings are detailed and honest.


I am a female clairvoyant with over 20 years of experience doing telephone readings.  Before that I did in-person readings and hands-on healing.  I consider these to be an extension of my previous career as a social worker and counselor.  My goal is to help people in whatever way I can.  I take my work seriously, and strive to give you what you need to hear.  But be aware, it might not necessarily be what you WANT to hear.  I see my job as providing insight to your situation so you can accurately make the best choices to get you where you’re trying to go on your Life Journey.  When I look back over the years, I can accurately say there is probably not an issue that I haven’t dealt with.


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Very Helpful
Thank you ❤️
- Somer
What I Needed
Lakota was so great to speak to, she tuned into my circumstances right away and we connected very quickly. Thank you so much!
- Lisa
I really enjoyed our conversation today the way she explained things just made sence. It was a magical conversation not because it was what I wanted to hear but because she explained things that just filled me with knowledge and understanding.
- Yesenia
good connection
Lakota and I had a good connection....she was able to explain a co-worker/supervisor to me.....she used good examples....helped me understand with clarity.....much appreciated !!!!
- a.non.
Honest, Direct, What I genuinely needed to hear
I had been barking up the door of other psychics and I was absolutely hopeful that the man I had been with recently was my twin flame. I would have held out hope focusing on him when realistically to find my true love, and ultimately attract what I deserve I need to love myself. An honest reading is worth way more than one which provides false hope. I can now move forward working on myself and working on how to love myself rather than how to love someone else. I will eventually find someone if I’m meant to but more than anything I am going to clear energy and blocks necessary to find me and I think that’s way more valuable. Lakota is who to call for real, honest advice. Don’t waste your time on warm and fuzzy BS- get right to the point and find out what you’re supposed to be doing with your life.
- Sam
Thank you, I will have to continue next time..
I felt emotional during this reading, I def felt connected to her energy. It was a deep brief reading and I'm still processing what I felt. I will have to continue, for sure. Thank you, kindly
- calmheart
Love her!
A thorough and precise reading. Love it!
- Anita
So incredibly talented. Give her a call.
- A. Non
Helped me
Lakota is truly helped me be a better person with her guidance and with her honest insights she projects in my readings.
- A. Non
Advisor for years...
Lakota has been my advisor for years Top notch talent.
- A. Non
The Best
She is the best! So on point with her readings.
- A. Non
Thanks for being on this network
It’s always a pleasure to speak to her. She has been a extremely important guide in my life. .
- A. Non
Spot on!
Thank you for your accurate insight. I feel confident in your readings and guidance.
- blessed4life
Extremely helpful
Extremely helpful during a very difficult family loss.
- A. Non
I highly recommend calling Lakota
She has kept me grounded and helped me in both business and family situations.
- A. Non
Lakota has helped me...
...more than she knows over the years. What a wonderful person and reader.
- A. Non
The best! Extremely on target with her readings.
- A. Non
If I could give her six stars
I have spoken to Lakota different times and each time she is spot on and always honest and a pleasure to speak with. If I could give her six stars I would. I will be calling her again in a week or so and I just wanted to say thank you Lakota for your gift
- MS
Thank you!
Her insight on family and careee issues is amazingly accurate.
- AN
Thanks for everything! She’s the real deal.
- A. Non
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