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I was born and raised in the Ozark Mountains of the Deep South.  As is the case in many rural areas, there was a local "wise woman" who was the source of many healings, readings, predictions and advice. I had a very profound experience when that wise woman proclaimed me a "seer", and told me I had a natural ability to see or know things about people that others could not.  As time passed, I had another reading from another leading psychic in the region.  She too recognized in me a strong talent for "tha seein”.  This psychic also saw in me the natural ability to read the Tarot, and to be able to know the meanings of dreams.  This psychic became my mentor, helping me to further develop my psychic talents and Tarot reading skills.


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shes been reading me for over 6 years or more excellent reader never lie to me .
- jodine
- jodine
old time reader
- jodine
no matter how hurt this can be she tell the truth
- jodine
always tell me the truth
no matter how hurt this can be she tell the truth
- jodine
Julea is very accurate and thorough. She helped me through some difficult times and was always precise and straightforward. It is very comforting to know that she is on the other end of that line.
- roks
She is phenomenal!
- Aloraluna
She is fab!!!
I've been talking to Julea for years now and everything she's told me has been so accurate. Don't waste your time on anyone else here. Julea is the real deal! It's ridiculous that she is knows so much! I'm in awe of her. She is the only one I trust and speak to.
- Aloraluna
super good
- jodine
shes super good
- jodine
you was correct two days letter he tried to speak to me .
- jodine
I've spoken to Julea a couple of times now . The first time on, she was along with her details and sequence of events (which is yet to be seen but I feel she was spot on). Second time too, she picked up very quickly and provided very hopeful insights . I'm looking forward to chatting with her Again and hopeful her predictions will come true !
- Diva1030
Excellent connection!
Very accurate time frame, details, insight and reading..
- penbur
Good reading
From a reading on 3/1 she said our relationship would feel more solid by mid May, now at the end of May I can't say it feels that much different than before but still giving 4 stars since the rest of the reading was accurate
- Mistressleia
my soul bestfriend
2/19/2015 that night i was so depress she got online she brought a big smile in my face at the end shes been reading me for years a lot she have told me have come to pass including winning 23k at the casino , shes honest and accurate and she will make you laugh . she dont sugarcoat she will tell u the way its thats why i love her as a psychic.
- jodine
Pretty good
I have talked to other psychics on here and other networks all say the same end result and Julea sees the same thing. The only thing is she said if i play my cards right and i hope i do.
- Yadayada0007
shes honest reader
- jodine
heavenly friend
she tell me the truth the way its good or bad she will share with me thats why shes excellent reader she dont sugarcoat no body
- jodine
julea dont think my kids father can change she told me , shes been reading me for years shes a honest reader and she dont sugarcoat her reading we shall see she see money coming for him end of the year .
- jodine
Excellent and Professional!
Julea is by far a five star reader, excellent and professional
- jk
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