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I am a gifted Empath, Clairvoyant and Clairaudient advisor, seeking to provide guidance, understanding of yourself and others, and the truth. 


I am an empath, clairvoyant, clairaudient advisor who also reads the Tarot. I specialize in tapping into emotions and interpreting the thoughts, feelings, and intentions of others around my clients. I am able to receive information quickly, and deliver the information in a direct yet compassionate manner. I have nurtured my metaphysical abilities since childhood, and I am sincerely motivated to help others by providing them clarity and insight into their life circumstances. Whether the concern is love/relationships, career goals, family, life-questions, or spirituality, it is my intention to provide truth, guidance, and understanding. My goal is to empower others by providing further awareness of the core energies that are influencing their current circumstances, so they can make positive choices that will assist them in creating the life that they envision.


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Peace giver
Navya is amazing. I wish that I had enough money to just sit and talk to her one a week for an hour or so. She is always on point with her insight and delivers so much peace. I love talking with her.
- Rhonda
Great reading
She was definitely accurate on some things thanks :)
- La
Highly Accurate
Navya's is,Wonderful. She is very accurate and has a very comforting spirit. I can count on what she tells me as fact. Thank you
- Cherise
I called Navya having never spoken to her before and she is amazing !! Lovely women and very caring, she picked up on so many things I almost dropped the phone ! Thank You Navya so much and I will wait to see what happens you are wonderful girl ! Blessings !!
- CJ
Wonderfully Gifted
Navya is truly amazing. I've reread some prior readings and she was spot on in her accuracy.No outlandish predictions....slow and steady.She predicted the new love in my life and from whence he would come. Navya is a wonderfully gifted intuitive.
- Carly
Still the very best
I've been reading with Navya for a few years now. I've looked back on her predictions and mostly all of them have come yo pass.She doesn't make over the top predictions and is able to give what I would call a "time released" view of your future.She is gifted,to the point,kind and pretty accurate.Love her.
- Carly
Good read
I didn't get long with her but good reader.
- Caligirl
she was awesome we really clicked
I feel like her advice was balanced, she did not just tell me what I wanted to hear but she gave great detail and she was kind while also being competent, firm, objective etc. I will read with her again for sure...
- alimad
Put my mind at ease!!
Navy's is awesome recommend 100%
- Beth
Worth The Wait!!
Navya was quick to answer did not waste your money was very kind and everything she said was accurate. Well worth the wait.
- Beth
Good reading
Good reading with good insight, was in line with my regular advisors and said my man and I have a great future ahead of us. Hoping predictions come to pass.
- Mistressleia
Good Reading
good reading
- vichan
I was just looking through some papers and I came across my notes from a reading with Navya in November. I had to write this review, because what she described was accurate. She described a physical place I would find, and How I would come to know it. Sure enough, this place crossed my path and it is exactly as she described. The location, the view, the colors, the style and the circumstances around it were all as she described. When she made the prediction, it was out of context. However, now I can look back and see that what she described is exactly what I came to know. Fantastic! I tried to reach her again but there were so many people already in line I could not get through. Hoping to talk with her again soon. If you have the chance to speak with Navya, consider yourself lucky. She is a gem!
- Venus in Libra
The Best
Navya has got to be one of the best readers on this site.She doesn't tell you what you want to hear,but the truth.She was so accurate with a recent reading on every point.Very gifted reader.Love her.
- Cece640
Super Fantastic!
I have read with Navya before, but it has been a long time. I really enjoyed speaking with her in the past, so I was happy to be able to speak to her again. She is great! She's very quick to pick up information, clear in her answers, and quite accurate. She was right in what she told me previously, so i'm hopeful these predictions will come to pass. Also really liked that she is into the power of positive thoughts and having an awareness of what we are putting out there. So important! So true! She is very gifted and I look forward to speaking with her the next opportunity I have. Thanks!
- CaliGal
I couldn't totally understand
Navya reads fast, and as I said before, focuses on the feelings of people rather than their outside. My recent problem is that I can't get why she picks certain expressions... But I know she is very talented. Good to try, for sure!
- *libra*rising
Waited so long to catch her!
I couldn't get her for ten months! But it was worth the wait.. Navya is very quick, and I mean VERY QUICK and accurate! I was also so surprised that she remembered me and my (past) situation! Wow!
- *libra*rising
I've had at least five things that she has predicted happen within a two to three month span of her readings.She gives clear confident readings.She is kind,but she doesn't tell you what you want to hear.She tells you the her.
- Carly
Good reading, tuned in quickly and accurately described what was going on with my significant other
- Mistressleia
Good Reading
This was my first reading ,and Navya was right on point just waiting for my situation to happen, Im lookig forward to calling her agan soon. Thank You Navya...
- sexyt
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