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I am a gifted Psychic and an able seer. My gift of clear vision offers you clarity together with an assured positive and promising direction in your life. 


At a young age I was involved in a car accident. I remember falling out of a moving car, and in between consciousness, I vaguely remember being helped by men in white (the paramedics I think), and the ambulance ride to the hospital.  I was rushed into surgery with a head injury and I recall feeling as if I was floating, looking down on the doctors, looking down on my lifeless body on the operation table, and looking down on my mother in her distressed state.  Thank God I survived the accident and the surgery! But since that out of body experience, I started seeing certain events, having strong feelings about various issues, issues that would later evolve. I also felt the strong need to guide, nurture and empathize.  I have been a practicing psychic for over 35 years now and absolutely love what I do. My clients rely on me and I am here for them every step of the way to offer the support, love and kindness that we all need at times to get us over that hump. 


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Judy has read for me for years. She calms me down when needed and what she tells me does come out to me she’s excellent highly recommended
- Liz
Oh my Judy it was so good to speak with you tonight how I wish we could speak more but you know my situation you always make my spirits be lifted and always showing that there is hope in this relationship
- Zoro’s Girl
Oh Judy I am back from my trip that’s such a wonderful time it’s at my mines away from a lot of things still no word ..All is quiet I just cannot believe that this is happening I wish we can talk but you need to save some money I know you understand I will update you miss and love you Zorros girl
- Zoro’s Girl
Oh Judy how I wish that we could speak every day ..you’ve been there for me for the last 12 years with positive lights ..last nights reading has made me feel that there is no hope I always thought that it would be a Hallmark ending ..I guess not my heart is so heavy I am hope the universe will bring some sense and bring him home ...thank you for always being there for me I hope things will change love you to the moon and back ..I thought I would be inviting you to a wedding Love you girl big kiss
- Zoro’s Girl
Thank you
Oh my Judy I am so sorry that I could not speak to you longer at length but I have to watch my phones since I’m going away on vacation very excited speaking to you tonight gave me more reassurance that Mr. wonderful will find his way praying and hoping he needs to get strong I asked the universe for his strength you are such a beautiful person and always been there for me since day one I will never forget you you are a treasure I love you always and forever Mrs. Zorro
- Zoro’s Girl
My Mentor
Oh Judy I am trying how I wish we could speak more but at this time it’s a little difficult with this financial burden that I have on my shoulders God will provide still no word from the man I am so shattered I love you
- Zoro’s Girl
Thank you Judy!
Thank you Judy for your words and I will believe
- Zoro Girl
Helpful, practical
She gives you sound feedback.
- MargoC
Judy you are right
Judy you are right on about everything in all my calls you have mentioned the same time,frame I'm hoping,this is a possibility an it will,come true
- Keri
Again thank you! You have helped me a lot but I'm still scared of the up coming month but I'm focusing on what You have said an hoping thank you you give very good readings an insperational words to help motivate talk,to you soon
- Keri
Every time I call Judy she hits on everything to the t, an has said the same time frame the last three calls. She is so o, about my situation an I'm,greatful an happy for what she says it helps me keep going thank you judy
- Keri
Judy is really good at telling you what to expect how to handle the moment an she also doesn't push you to have long readings she tells you her reading an its to the point an always helpful she has me understanding my issue an how to handle,it I'm very grateful to her I hope that what she has given me will come true thank you judy
- Keri
You have such great knowledge was able to hit on everything with out me saying much, you give me a positive out look on my status thank you
- Keri
Thank you Judy you have me a lot of hope you hit on every thing so,right I thought you had been there when my issue started I enjoy talking to,you can't wait to hear more with your help hope my sadness will turn yo happiness
- Keri
Genuine and Sweet
Judy is not only an amazing psychic but I love calling her over and again because of her style and detail. You're truly unique , Judy! I'm sorry I had to hang up during our call today as someone walked in. Looking forward to talking to you soon!
- Diva1030
Sent shivers down my spine
Judy read the situation---including past timeframe---so well, and offered honest insight rather than an opinion. I feel confident in what she saw and hope that things come to pass in the way she predicts. Will let you know! Thank you, Judy!
- unitednluv
Lovely Psychic!!!!
Judy, Thank you so much for a great reading! You are very accurate, caring and honest. I love your readings!
- Tarot
Judy was beyond amazing!! One of the best readings I have had here. Not only did she tune right in and explained everything to detail but she told me a couple of things that she had no way of knowing since I haven't told anyone about them!. I was definetly left speechless and I believe her 100%. Give her a call you will not regret it.
- spiritangel
Great Psychic!!
You are so gifted. You are very comforting to talk to. Thank you so much for a great reading.
- Tarot
Hello Judy, Thank you for giving me such a beautiful reading. You calm me down everytime I talk to you.
- Tarot
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