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I am a gifted intuitive empath devoted to helping others. Known for my accuracy, insight and clarity.


From an early age, I began experiencing prophetic dreams and intuitive and empathic impressions. Over the years I’ve acquired many colorful life experiences and have ventured down a variety of career paths. However, I finally decided it was time to begin to use my intuitive abilities to connect with and guide others. As a result I have been on this path of helping others professionally for more than 25 years now.


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Amazing reader and dedicated even tho we had minor connection issues. Stayed committed to making sure I receive the messages. Thank you for your dedication. Will update you.
- Rain
A Great Soul
You can hear she is the real deal just in her voice. Only call her.
- Alli
Great as always
Kathy is really the best psychic and confidante. Her insight helps me make better decisions. I really do appreciate her presence in the Circle.
- Lynn
I'm amazed!
So I totally forgot about my phone interview and missed it on April 3rd. I asked Kathy if they would reschedule it. She told me that I would hear from them again and they would. I would be remiss if I didn't say that I was skeptical. But today I received an invitation to reschedule it for tomorrow and Kathy was spot on. Thank you Kathy for your gifts! Amazing reader!
- all4hope
Kathy keeps her word and her predictions never change, although I have yet to see it finally happen. She’s been very supportive and understanding and I appreciate her time.
- Tryagain3
Very Good
11/22. Said He'll bring up the subject wanting to come back. In Dec /2018. Regretting... It will be a Reconciliation... Ty
- Fire aries
Kathy is Wonderful!
Kathy is super accurate with her predictions, and has left me speechless with the way she can see events before they happen. Very solid reader and highly recommend her!
- Venus in Libra
Wait and See
I’ve spoken to Kathy on two other occasions and her predictions and her time frames haven’t changed and she’s informed me that she sees my ex reaching out to me in the next few days to let me know he would like to meet with me to talk about reconciling and that she saw us spending more time together and eventually dating in January of 2018. So basically she saw us getting back together. I’m not sure what to think? Do I want this prediction to be true - yes more than anything in this world. She sounds pretty confident and based on her reviews she’s pretty accurate so let’s wait and see. I will give her 4 stars now because she seemed to read me and my ex pretty well on our existing circumstances; however, and more importantly are the predictions. If her predictions come to pass, I will return and give her the 5 stars she deserves! Mind you I rated her 4 stars because I want to wait to see if the predictions pan out before I give a full rating... Sweetone
- R22017
Always on Point
Thanks for a good reading
- all4hope
- corrina
Thank you Kathy for always calming our hearts with your wonderful insight!
- h2o
Love this Angel
Kathy is a reader who's intuitive guidance has been on point for me.She always picks up my situation and is able to advise me well.She knew when I would meet a new man and described how to the T.Very caring,kind and compassionate reader.
- Carly
Always Amazing and Accurate
Kathy's predictions are spot on! Great readings and good at picking up people's feelings. Thanks!
- LeoMamma
Intuitive and accurate
Have had readings with Kathy for many years, always great intuition and thoughtful in interpretation of the cards. A must try!
- princetonuser
I have known Kathy for a while now, and she has always been an amazing friend, and always on target. she truly amazing psychic, love her to death
- atvgirl50
specific, on target!
Kathy, You could not have been more accurate & compassionate about my situation. I have enlisted help of various psychics in my life and none have been more specific and on target than you. Its so funny because others have given me information and as time went by i realized it did not relate to me;rather someone i knew. I was looking for specific on target info on my situation and you gave it. 100 stars(rating)to you. Thank you. I love you!
- MM
Very good
Very Good
- cap521
told me we will be together again.
- jodine
Good read
Good reader kind of takes a while but good.
- Happy face
Kathy predicted that a certain event would happen on a specific afternoon of the week. Sure enough, she was correct! I am amazed by her accuracy. She is truly a gem!
- Venus in Libra
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