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I am a 7th generation Clairvoyant, Mystic and Medium. I use primarily Spirit Energy to read the hearts of loved ones here and on the other side. I assist my clients to find their own spiritual guides, heritage and purpose in life


I was born psychic/clairvoyant with a third eye birthmark. I have over 40 years of experience with counseling/reading in matters of the heart and finance/business.  I have worked in many fields; clinical therapist/social worker, libraries/museums, classroom and homeschooling teacher, security, sales/marketing, translation, life/health coach, advocate for the rights of the disabled and their families. I have been with the Zodiac Group since 2013. I am a multiracial/multicultural person committed to world peace and harmony. I received an award in high school for my work as a Peer Counselor/Ombudswoman and served on the Dean’s Grievance Hearing Panel in my college years.


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She good
It takes a min for her to get to the answer of your question bc she includes so much information… she is def accurate about my situation and everything involved. She offered great advice she knew things I didn’t tell her or mention she is very very good will call again
- First time
1st time
Thank you so much, I had to ask one particular question a few times but it was eventually answered & i believe it was the why i was asking it. Marie was accurate on a lot of things & does go into detail which is a good thing because it gives a clear understanding, because of this 10 minutes is not enough time but she did get to the root of my question. Marie is someone I will call again, she was very helpful,non- judgemental & sweet . Thank you
- Melkv
Marie is Awesome! She delivers great details calmly and eloquently. A true psychic and advisor see's answers we cannot see for ourselves. I felt very comfortable with her and the talents she possesses. Thank you Marie
- Giddyup
Sweet and kind lady ❤️
Marie helped me connect with my father who passed unexpectedly and gave me some peace and closure. She did so much for my heart in less than 10 minutes. Thank you Marie ❤️ God Bless You
- NJ
Mother Marie- Offers A Connection I've Never Experienced
Marie's words and explanations are filled with so many nuggets. With a soothing voice, she offers her wisdom mixed with much compassion. She has a way of explaining life in a very digestible manner- even when matters appear grim. She cuts through the caller's emotions in the moment and guides them back to the reality and possibilities hard to see when feeling in crisis. I love every encounter and have always walked away feeling more empowered.
- Tamara
first call
This was my first call to Marie. I believe in psychics who don't use tools. Marie is really nice and answered my questions. She was on point with every answer. I will have to wait and see if/when her predictions happen. Looking forward and feeling reassured. She said some nice things. THANK YOU !
- flashiq
Amazing loved how well she picked up on me.
- Mermaidlove7
Feeling Restless
I got on the site hoping I would find Marie so early in the morning and I did. I was bothered by a dream I had the other and how it had to to do with my friend I havent seen in a long time. Marie explained in details what it meant and how it had to do with my friend’s situation. It all made sense and the dream wasn’t meant to harm me. Thank you so much for being there.:) I’ll be talking to you soon
- Curious16
Give Marie a try!
You have to give this lady a try. How does she do it, I ask? Purely gifted is my conclusion and will also be yours I am sure.
- Dekner-Ar
still think me and kids father will reconcile
- jodine
Right on every time!
I have had three readings with Marie and she’s been accurate every time I’ve called about my friend N. Her predictions have came to pass within two or three weeks after the reading. But I do have to remember that every action I make does affect the future and that changes the prediction she has giving me. Give her a call!
- Curious16
another great reading
Marie always tells you what you need to hear and what Spirit needs you to hear, not necessarily want to hear, yet things always unfold as she sees them
- Mistressleia
help me to know who I am
- Gbenou
- jodine
told me its not over
- jodine
Great insight
Marie gave me great insight into the issues that I was dealing with. Although it was hard to hear, she told me what I needed to know in a very compassionate way and helped me to see what I needed to do.
- Keek
should have a higher rating
Marie is one of the most underrated readers here, she's taps into Spirit so easily and accurately, her messages always resonate with me and she brings such a warm energy to all her readings. Just love her!
- Mistressleia
absolutely amazed
I feel truly blessed to have come across Marie and am still always amazed at her ability to answer all my questions, before I've even said anything, normally I just say my name and that's all that's needed. She can connect to those who've crossed over (so clearly) and tells me things she couldn't possibly have known. Every reading with her is truly a gift.
- Mistressleia
the best
Marie was the only one who picked up on a situation (I haven't even asked about) but forewarned me back in Oct 2015 of something significant that would happen in April 2016 (even pin pointed the location of the new assignment and details) and sure enough, it unfolded exactly as she said. She still amazes me every time.
- Mistressleia
still waiting
told me its not over for me and kids dad
- jodine
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