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My gifts were acknowledged at an early age when I started receiving messages through visions, dreams and premonitions. I’ve worked as a special education aide for 17 years, and with those lessons learned I was able to gain invaluable experience in unlocking the most obscure detail. I am proud that I have opened many doors in the psychic community by teaching others the art of Tarot, and helping them to hone their skills.

It has been about 30 years now since I’ve started helping so many people on their journey. With my strong sensibilities, my God given abilities, and also my life knowledge, the fundamental objective is to help bring joy, to make peoples’ lives better, and to open their doors to endless possibilities.


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thank you
Rosanne i had a bad phone connection so sorry i came back you went offline boohoo....thanks for the reading i appreciate it i will call you again with an update
- lani
Great reading
Dear Rosanne, I am Hannelore Liberatore, and I just like to say Thank you so much for your always positive reading. You give me hope and light! You are such a wonderful person Rosanne, God bless your! Love and Light, Hannelore Liberatore
- Hannelore
Thank you
Thank you for your good reading Rosanne! You always help people to stay positive. Love and Light, Hannelore Liberatore
- Hannelore
First Time Reading
Roseanne greeted me with a pleasant uplifting voice. She answered my question, and gave me other info. I am pleased with the reading, felt good when I hung up. Will call her again.
- Redgirl
Looked for her
I know you Rosanne for years, and finally I found you again . Thank you very much for this positive, and quick informations. You always right, and you really can give hope to your people. You did to me! Thank you again God bless you Rosanne, Love and Light, Hannelore Liberatore
- Hannelore Liberatore
She's dead on, give her a call!
- Shortie061482
Rose is amazing she definitely knows what she is doing when it come down to her craft I been dealing with rose for years and her gift from god still amazes me everytime she very caring and kind hearted and a pleasure to speak to!!! Don't wait just gilve her a call I know you will be satisfied 100% with a smile
- Jersey
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