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Having the ability to walk between two worlds and tap into the spiritual stream that governs us all can be complicated and so very exciting! I’m a 6th-generation High Priestess of my set , natural-born Psychic, Clairvoyant, Intuitive, Channeler, dream Interpreter and Worker, Metaphysical Advisor, Nature Reader (elemental Earth, air, fire, water and source) and an Innate Card Reader.

I will incorporate multiple skills into your session, sparking spiritual revelation, growth, and building inner strength.


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Just grateful
I am So grateful for Beatrice, I’ve been calling her back to back with issues and she never loses her patience. Beatrice can tell you how another person is feeling as well as give you a reading to guide yourself! A lot of things has happened Beatrice said would. She’s not just a psychic she really is a kind person to speak to ! I thank you for everything even when i disagree i appreciate your guidance.
- Unknown
Every single thing she has said has come to pass. EVERYTHING! She tells you things without you asking. It’s been times I’ve gotten on the phone and didn’t know what to ask. She instantly tunes in and tells me what I need to hear. No birthday or state needed! She uses her tools and gets it right everytime!! Everything is always on point. She’s very detailed about what’s happening and what will happen. It amazes me. I never experienced anything like it. She’s definitely my to go spiritual guidance. I love her!
- Issy
I’ve never experienced anything like this. It was breathtaking. My unborn child was able to send her messages through her. I’ve been praying and journaling and she was able to answer questions that I wanted answer to without me telling her. I’m blown away. Her and I connected on so many levels. She’s more than a psychic. Words cannot describe her. She’s always accurate Witt EVERYTHING!
- Bella
Breatrice is a good honest person. She never wavers. And is a very confident advisor. Thank-you again Kathy
- Kathy
Seemed accurate
- La
Beatrice did it again
Beatrice hit the exact times and information that pepped up my step in an important time. She has the knowledge and interest to really help people thru unsure times. She has the knowledge to do just that. When you call her, just listen she has alot to offer in all fields. You will never feel disappointed after you speak to her.
- Kathy
Once again- a great reading! Beatrice was very accurate with a ver important question I had. Accurate to the day. She is very respectful and precise. Thank-you , Beatrice!! Kathy.
- Kathy
Smart, Witty, and really knows her calling.
Beatrice is wonderful. She will have you rolling on the floor laughing and her knowledge "right there". She is spot on. If you want advice, and a breath of fresh air- pick her. She is a delight. I don't care long you have to wait to speak to her, get in line, turn up your phone, and get ready because you are in for a treat! Thank-you, Beatrice!
- Kathy
My Melanin sister !
Auntie hits everything the Connecting was amazing everything she said from start to finish was on point give her a call now 5 stars thank you auntie B blessings & happy new year
- T.m
Best reading I've experienced
While going over my reading, Beatrice was very warming and honest about what she was picking up on. I appreciate her breaking down each card for me so that I can truly understand the situation. I truly felt like she knew what was going on in my life and was non-judgmental. I appreciate our time and look forward to reaching out to her at a later date.
- ET
Best person I ever went to!
Before I even said anything she already knew I had a baby in the way by my ex! I never thought that someone could know me without actually knowing or without me telling them! She was perfect everything she said was right!
- Lovely
I was hesitant about calling. I’m absolutely glad I called. It was like she was in my MIND! She answered questions about me before I asked. Everything was head on. Everything she predicted is already happening…. I’ve found my personal psychic. I wouldn’t want to talk to anyone else but HER! She’s truly the BEST!
- Ciara
Excellent reader. I could talk to her forever. She is like an intuitive friend. Her predictions with me have been very accurate and she picks up on things that are very specific.
- Anon
Pure Hearted
When I say I can talk to her forever. I loved it. She was sincere and honest in her words. Will be calling again
- Michelle
Wat are u waiting for
My auntie gets busy & do her thang ……. Her gift that she has is amazing call noW DONT miss out on a true reading
- T.m
My auntie is amazing call her now 5 stars is jus not ENOUGH !!!!!! Goosebumps thank you ❤️
- T.M
It was like she knew everything about my situation and help guide me on how to handle it. She left the conversation with it’s truly up to me one which way to go and she does not judge. Thank you for your insight and kind words.
- CC
If I could give 10 stars I would. THIS is by FAR the best reading that I have had on this site. She has a wonderful personality. I could feel her positive energy and the reading accuracy was on point. I can't wait to call again. She is must call... THANKS!!!
- Lovely Life
Always a joy
When I talk to her it's always a joy. I connect with her on a deeper level and she lives up to her name. My day can be so bad and I call her for guidance. She doesn't waste time.
- S. H
Omg! Amazing ! How did she know this stuff
So first I wanted to do Beatrice for just 10 min, but for some reason the option I chose was 30 minutes. Before I called her I was like why did I purchased that much minutes, but God knew!!! We talked for 30 minutes and everything she said I felt like it was for me. She knew EXACTLY everything. I really appreciate her and cherish every moment we shared. She said she is the auntie B, but I felt like she was mother to me. Thank you! thank you ! thank you!. I don’t even know you besides this phone call , but I felt like we known each other for years . Thank you for being you and giving me clarity . Love ya
- Ariel
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