Patrick O'Donovan
Patrick O'Donovan
Ext: 1616
I am Psychic, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient devoted to helping others find love, financial balance and security. I am LGBTQ friendly. 


I am a natural born intuitive psychic. I grew up in a home where reading for others was considered a folk art. Sacred. I still feel that way. Reading for others is my one true love. I inherited the best of my grandparents which is at the heart of my readings to you. My best readings focus upon you: your question, concern, and area of interest. Some of the questions you may ask are:  My partner and I just had an argument, are we over now?  When will we start working things out?  Is she or he being unfaithful?  How many more times will we be on-off?  When will I hear from so-and-so? Why do they take so long to answer? What do my co-workers think of me? When will I find a new job?  Is a raise coming or should I look for a new gig?  Why do I feel stuck? When will my money situation get better?


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I swear he’s the best!!!!
Patrick is always on point. Even when it seems like his readings don’t make sense, they really do! He is amazing, truly gifted! I wait for him to sign in all the time. I know for a fact he’s the best.. All his predictions always come true!
- Love
I dont usually write a review and iam toooooo picky. Trust me I read with 300+ advisors in varioud platforms and till now most of their predictions were kind of waivering but, PATRICK is the real deal and will be my last stop. Within 2 days, 2 predictions came to PASS which i intially thought (no way) WHAT!!! just call him and go nower else
- Sra
My first time talking with Patrick and he made me feel at eased and even more positive about my relationship I will definitely call him again
- Donna
Blown Away
I was blown away by how Mr O'Donovan went deep into my connection with someone and thoughts of involved people around WITHOUT even my person's NAME - no data, just the gender and age range (of 10 years!). The reader DID NOT WASTE A MIN; however, was an excellent listener with a flexible and sincere attitude! All around great, and nothing short of astonishing!!
- EF
My favorite 🌌
I have spoken to a good amount of mediums, psychics etc on here and they are all GIFTED and pleasant but as much as I like all of them Patrick is my number 1 sorry guys. He literally is worth the wait.
- Yessi
Accurate predicitions
Very nice person who starts right in with answering your questions, One prediction has come to pass and in the time frame Patrick said, and a second prediction was due to come in April, and I heard today it is on its way, delivery on 4/28/2022, Patrick is really good, he is confident, even when I wasn't, and its happening, THANK YOU,
- Dont remember
Magical 💫
I mean..... he just answered all my questions and nailed it and when I didn't think what he said was possible became possible and true but besides his amazing gift . He is pleasant to talk to and I just feel like our conversations are magical. He is a blessing...
- Yessi
What are you waiting for
He jump right in call him now amazing & 5 stars is not enough wat are u waiting for
- T.m
Always on point
He knows what he’s talking about! He’s a very great reader! He can see!
- Chas
Oh My Gosh!! He is the most accurate read I've ever had!
I was blown away by Patrick tonight! I called him and had some serious questions and he picked out points about me and my loved ones that NO one would have known! I will be calling back tomorrow with some more questions! I have my new go to ! Thank You Patrick!
- Jenn C
Patrick is so talented. I could spend hours talking to him about my issues and what's ahead. The Best!!!
- Giddyup
Patrick never fails me.. so awesome. Why do I need to anybody else. Only if he's unavailable and I can't wait. He's the wow factor and the mind blowing details.......
- Spurs got it
Special Reader
Patrick is delightful to speak with. Unparalleled in his gracious demeanor and accuracy in events already passed and shall pass. Blessings,
- Grateful
Thank you
Funds cut us off but I did get all my answers to my questions. He was very intuned, & picked up on things I didn't have to ask about. Read my POI like he knew him. Very polite, fast & understanding. Accurate. This reading helped a lot. Thank you for sharing your talent🙏
- V
Thank you for your Truth
- Kindred Spirit
Perfectly Aligned
You ask a question. He gives an answer. Though it hasn't taken place yet, his self confidence and the knowing of your higher self are perfectly aligned. I am blessed that this site has granted me three top talents, of which Patrick is one, to help me See.
- Cris So Cal
Speechless woow..
The BEST..100% accurate
- Vanessa
I had a quick yet very good read with Patrick and found him to be very good and trustworthy.
- Cristie
He awesome . I absolutely love talking to him. I love how he explains the answer to my questions in detail. He’s also good with timelines . Give him a call you won’t regret it
- Amazing
Very delightful energy
I honestly have to wait and see if the prediction happens but still 5 stars for me. I felt such a delightful energy and a very pleasant vibe during the call that I could not compare with other psychics that I've been speaking with. Thank you for being so kind and also appreciate your calm voice. Many blessings to you.
- GB
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