Patrick O'Donovan
Patrick O'Donovan
Ext: 1616
I am Psychic, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient devoted to helping others find love, financial balance and security. I am LGBTQ friendly. 


I am a natural born intuitive psychic. I grew up in a home where reading for others was considered a folk art. Sacred. I still feel that way. Reading for others is my one true love. I inherited the best of my grandparents which is at the heart of my readings to you. My best readings focus upon you: your question, concern, and area of interest. Some of the questions you may ask are:  My partner and I just had an argument, are we over now?  When will we start working things out?  Is she or he being unfaithful?  How many more times will we be on-off?  When will I hear from so-and-so? Why do they take so long to answer? What do my co-workers think of me? When will I find a new job?  Is a raise coming or should I look for a new gig?  Why do I feel stuck? When will my money situation get better?


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I dont usually write a review and iam toooooo picky. Trust me I read with 300+ advisors in varioud platforms and till now most of their predictions were kind of waivering but, PATRICK is the real deal and will be my last stop. Within 2 days, 2 predictions came to PASS which i intially thought (no way) WHAT!!! just call him and go nower else
- Sra
My first time talking with Patrick and he made me feel at eased and even more positive about my relationship I will definitely call him again
- Donna
Blown Away
I was blown away by how Mr O'Donovan went deep into my connection with someone and thoughts of involved people around WITHOUT even my person's NAME - no data, just the gender and age range (of 10 years!). The reader DID NOT WASTE A MIN; however, was an excellent listener with a flexible and sincere attitude! All around great, and nothing short of astonishing!!
- EF
My favorite 🌌
I have spoken to a good amount of mediums, psychics etc on here and they are all GIFTED and pleasant but as much as I like all of them Patrick is my number 1 sorry guys. He literally is worth the wait.
- Yessi
Accurate predicitions
Very nice person who starts right in with answering your questions, One prediction has come to pass and in the time frame Patrick said, and a second prediction was due to come in April, and I heard today it is on its way, delivery on 4/28/2022, Patrick is really good, he is confident, even when I wasn't, and its happening, THANK YOU,
- Dont remember
Magical 💫
I mean..... he just answered all my questions and nailed it and when I didn't think what he said was possible became possible and true but besides his amazing gift . He is pleasant to talk to and I just feel like our conversations are magical. He is a blessing...
- Yessi
What are you waiting for
He jump right in call him now amazing & 5 stars is not enough wat are u waiting for
- T.m
Always on point
He knows what he’s talking about! He’s a very great reader! He can see!
- Chas
Oh My Gosh!! He is the most accurate read I've ever had!
I was blown away by Patrick tonight! I called him and had some serious questions and he picked out points about me and my loved ones that NO one would have known! I will be calling back tomorrow with some more questions! I have my new go to ! Thank You Patrick!
- Jenn C
Patrick is so talented. I could spend hours talking to him about my issues and what's ahead. The Best!!!
- Giddyup
Patrick never fails me.. so awesome. Why do I need to anybody else. Only if he's unavailable and I can't wait. He's the wow factor and the mind blowing details.......
- Spurs got it
Special Reader
Patrick is delightful to speak with. Unparalleled in his gracious demeanor and accuracy in events already passed and shall pass. Blessings,
- Grateful
Thank you
Funds cut us off but I did get all my answers to my questions. He was very intuned, & picked up on things I didn't have to ask about. Read my POI like he knew him. Very polite, fast & understanding. Accurate. This reading helped a lot. Thank you for sharing your talent🙏
- V
Thank you for your Truth
- Kindred Spirit
Perfectly Aligned
You ask a question. He gives an answer. Though it hasn't taken place yet, his self confidence and the knowing of your higher self are perfectly aligned. I am blessed that this site has granted me three top talents, of which Patrick is one, to help me See.
- Cris So Cal
Speechless woow..
The BEST..100% accurate
- Vanessa
I had a quick yet very good read with Patrick and found him to be very good and trustworthy.
- Cristie
He awesome . I absolutely love talking to him. I love how he explains the answer to my questions in detail. He’s also good with timelines . Give him a call you won’t regret it
- Amazing
Very delightful energy
I honestly have to wait and see if the prediction happens but still 5 stars for me. I felt such a delightful energy and a very pleasant vibe during the call that I could not compare with other psychics that I've been speaking with. Thank you for being so kind and also appreciate your calm voice. Many blessings to you.
- GB
Spot on
He is so good. He picked right up on my person with only the name. I’m just waiting for prediction to pass and I’ll be back for another review. He’s worth the money. Call him!
- Asia
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