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I am known for accurate predictions, timelines, dates, outlooks on relationships, careers, jobs and more.


My mother and grandmother were psychics and strong empaths, so naturally I was born gifted with a keen intuition and all the “clair” senses.  I am Native American, enrolled in the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, and growing up with a solid Native American culture gave me a strong knowledge of the spiritual world. I am an identical twin, and as such energy is also my language. I’ve learned to trust the energy, intuition, voices of spirit, through various life events, and speaking out loud of things I am shown beforehand.

I am an intuitive, energy reader, empath and remote viewer, and a practicing psychic for 20 years. During my childhood I have picked up on energies, spoken out loud warnings or events that I sensed. One example is, waking up crying to my mom that I was scared to lose my bird, only for it to happen later when the threat of a tornado forced us to evacuate our home. During the transportation of some of our possessions to the car, my bird flew out of its cage.  

I have always enjoyed helping others. It is very rewarding when spirit gives me advice to help change or shift a person's outlook on a situation, and the gratitude they express. 


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