Lillian Price
Lillian Price
Ext: 1999
I am a Psychic and Tarot card reader dedicated to helping others stay on track. I provide insight, guidance and understanding, with a kind, upbeat, friendly disposition.


I am a 3rd generation psychic, passed down to me from the Native American side of my family. I discovered I was psychic at the age of 9 when I had a vision of my brother’s car accident which happened shortly after. That was a very eye opening moment, but also the introduction of things to come. I embraced my clairvoyancy and since then have extensively studied the Tarot which has added another dimension to the accuracy and detail of my readings. I have been reading professionally for about 10 years and I enjoy doing this because there is no better feeling than knowing you have helped someone move forward towards a better and happier life.


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I am thankful for Lillian for being my confident this year and part of last year she has helped me through some hard changes in my life and with her help I've kept calm and have been able to see the good in life and what changes I want to make to make it better. I appreciate you girl from the bottom of my heart 🤍
- Yessi
Thank you for your time and your honesty. You have helped me get through a feeling that made me feel crazy but I knew I wasn't crazy thank you for your understanding and clarity. Your an Angel from Above
- Dash1993
Very uplifting
I have spoke to Lillian twice now. It’s always been such a relief after getting off the phone with her. She is quick and to the point. She picked up on some things I didn’t even mention, totally different topic. I was amazed. I am waiting for her predictions on my love life to fall into place. Overall, amazing reading! Thanks Lillian!
- Anita
Rating love and relationship
Very quick and accurate
- Vanessa
Connection was fast and accurate! Loved her entire energy and how direct she is!
- Domonique
Thank you, You are amazing. I was about to give up you gave me hope.
- HeatherP
Thank you, you are amazing, you have given me hope when I was ready to give in.
- Heather Pride
talked for only 10 mins, but I have a feeling of contentment through Lillians words. I feel bad because the phone connection cut me off short but the words that she spoke were powerful in my approach.
- Rachel
Read me really well!
Tuned into very specific things about my journey! Gave me hope and validation (yes, I needed that) so that I may move ahead with confidence. The worst year of my life so far will be ending with blessings in sight. I will begin to heal and new, good things will come into my life. I will get my spring in my step back! Thank you for reading me so well!
- MargoC
saying it not over
- jodine
Very good reading
Really good reading.
- 2391212
Love her great great reader
Waiting on predictions hit the nail on the head .very very very gifted adviser
- Tluv
good reading
She does a really good job with most details
- penbur
Always a pleasure...
Always a pleasure speaking to her.
- Anncute2
Nice to talk to
Nice to talk to
- Anncute2
Easy to talk to and insightful
Easy to talk to and insightful. Will call her again
- Anncute2
One of the best
She is soooo good. Direct and honest, as well as professional. Lillian is a very insightful, accurate psychic, love her.
- Bella5
I like her, she always picks up really quick. I just had to give her a name and she tells me what she sees
- Dolly
Staying positive
I spoke to her twice. She figured me out and my ex dilemma. I highly recommend her.
- Twinkly56
Lillian is quite possibly one of the most uplifting people I have spoken with. She helps keep things in perspective, and is not afraid to call it like she sees it. Talkin to Lillian is like talking to a friend who happens to have a sixth sense. Priceless!
- Nina
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