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I am a Clairvoyant and an Empath who delivers precise and profound readings every time, leaving you with answers, clarity and direction


My maternal grandmother was psychic and at age 3 or 4 I started seeing my spirit guide every night before I fell asleep. As a child I predicted an event that materialized with a family member, which left my parents amazed. When asked “how”, I said “I just know” because I hadn’t yet fully grasped the enormity of what was actually occurring.  I have been reading professionally now for over 20 years. My readings have brought my clients many meaningful, long lasting relationships, for which I am eternally grateful. Equally this has brought me happiness and fulfillment. I take my client’s needs very serious because I know their time is valuable, so I practice excellent time management to ensure that all my clients receive the best information no matter the time they have.


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I'm a first time caller and I am very impressed by the accuracy of Rosaline. She picked up on a situation that was bothering me but she gave me great news and very helpful information as well so please don't hesitate to give her a call!
- N.H
As soon as I picked up the phone, my heart was racing and I felt like I was going into an anxiety attack being so worried about what she would say about my question. Immediately as she started talking I felt a sense of relief and peace. Very loving and blessed energy. She gave me insight on my current situation which made so much sense!!!! 100% on point! At the end of the reading I felt the peace that I’ve wanted for a while. I’m so grateful for having had the opportunity to call her, wish I could have given her a hug!!! I can’t wait to call again!
- Mdoming708
Very honest and kind
I enjoyed the reading she was spot on and very calming to fears I was experiencing. Very truthful and accurate
- C.H
She is a very good reader
I had a reading and she was so kind and spot on!
- mattie
So Accurate
Thanks, Rosalie... I love my reading.. and I thank you for being honest and hearing my concerns. I will be calling you back very soon... because I have some other things that are bothering me!! Thanks so much!! I really appreciate it very much!!
- Shavaughn H
Rosalie is hands down one of the best readers I have ever spoke to in my life. She picked up on great detail that no one would ever know about. She respected the time limit and will really dive deep into the most critical details of your life. ACCURATE ACCURATE ACCURATE! Thank you Rosalie! Don’t question her! I’m a skeptic myself and she blew me away! I will be a returning client!
- Aries&Capricorn
Very insightful
Rosalie describes attributes about relatives that were spot on! She had very good guidance on how to navigate a tricky situation with them. I felt she was truly tapping into the angels. She is very sweet, talented and understanding.
- Babette
Great Wonderful Advice
This was one of the best reading I have had in a long time.. Thank you so much!!
- Alice
Felt like I was talking to my mother
She was amazing! She was spot on and she gave me great advice! Best 10 mins of my life
- Latesha Kay
Thanks very much for the clarity
- Denise
Very helpful
She tuned in and was very empathetic and compassionate. This was very helpful. Thank you so much!
- Lynn
She was really good
She was amazing. First time caller will definitely call again.
- Princesstee
First time working with Rosaline, she felt my energy and was able to clarify things for me. and was also able to help me to understand how other people in myfamily sees things and not to worry about what will happen in the future and why I should nit worry. Thank you so much Rosaline I really appreciated the time we sent talking.
- Caregiver
Rosalee you were so Awesome on my call with you. Thank you for your vision and clarity of details I cannot see or know. One of my new favorites on here. Will call you again.
- Giddyup
Thanks for the...
reading, Rosalie. You were quick and I didn’t have to say anything about my love life or the guys in my past. Sorry that I couldn’t extend, but I will update later.
- Msmeme
Picked up on.....
She picked up on the same thing that another advisor say. Said that the last guy that I dated would be coming back for a second chance. She also said that, of course, other guys would come, but I wouldn’t be all that interested in them. 4 different guys have come along and I ended up not being interested in any of them. No sign of the last guy coming back, yet. I know that timelines are difficult. Will update later.
- burrougl
Rosalie tuned in and answered all my questions: picked up details behind each situation! She gave me clarity! She did not ask me a lot of questions and I like that! She gave me details on what would work and what will not work! The best reading I had in long time!
- member18
Rosalie has given me so much clarity! She is very gifted and accurate! Not only is she fast but she gave me hope!
- member18
The Best!
Absolutely the best! Rosalie tuned in fast I was happy with the fact that she was very honest with me! She also pulled up reasons why the person was doing what they did! She also gave positive time frames! Gave clarity and was very down to earth! Love her personality!
- member18
Sweet and Lovely!
I've had a few readings with Rosalie and have found her to be lovely. Her predictions have come to pass, and she was such a pleasure to speak with. Very kind!
- Nina
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