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Clairvoyance runs in my veins. Various members of my family going back several generations practiced many sacred Cuban traditions, which is the reason I started communicating with spirits at an early age. It began as a friendly red apple named Red that would keep me company while I slept and played video games. He would give me advice about school and life.

When I first started practicing my gift, I was calling upon spirits on my porch with my sister. One day I heard a voice identifying herself as my great-great grandmother “Lisabet” on my father’s side. She revealed a personal family secret that was never shared with me before. Since I was never told about Lisabet, I later confronted my grandfather with this information, and to my surprise he confirmed that his mother named Elizabeth was a psychic in Cuba. He also confirmed the secret revealed to me to be accurate. Since then, I’ve had many occasions where I simply knew something to be true without knowing why. Things like birthdays, names, pregnancies, and more.


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Thank you Brandon
Brandon is amazing just talking to him I feel much clearer, I am excited and happy to give him updates on his vision. Brandon gets it and it’s like talking to a really good friend who has the insight. Thank you Brandon!
- Love
Brandon can give detailed information about the questions I asked. Don't let his age fool you, he is very good.
- Kathy
Loved 🥰 it
Now this was a great read all I gave was my name and dob and he went in and blew my mind and when he asked was he on point I was breathtaking speechless I truly and highly recommend Brandon and I don’t usually get reads from men but I loved him
- Lily
Thank you Brandon
Thank you for your insight and predictions. I will definitely get a reading again. Definitely feel better about my situation and talking to Brandon. 🙏🏼 Thank you
- D
Your outstanding and great at giving clarity. I really approve you being my personal advisor and a friend I think you for the insight and helping me trust my intuition. Your amazing :)
As Brandon Predicted happened
I just want to write this review, I like to give feedback on amazing readers. Brandon predicted 3 days later after my reading what he felt was going to happen in my relationship situation and it came true. Just how he felt it or seen it. I am so thankful for my reading with Brandon. I just had to write this review. Thank you Brandon your truly gifted and blessed. God is perfect in divinely guiding me to read with you Brandon at a moment so telling in my life. 🙏🏼 Thank you
- D
Accurate and Truly gifted thank you Brandon
Brandon 100% picked up on everything and really helped me understand my situation. His insight really was on point and helped me understand my situation clearly.straight to the point and really picked up on what I was feeling and what was happening. I don’t feel as lost or scared after Brandons reading he really did bring clarity and a calmness to my spirit. Thank you for being accurate fast and the advice was healing and super helpful. Thank you Brandon.
- Thank you Brandon
Thanks for your honesty and incredible insight. I can always count on the truth from you. 💗🍃
- Cindy
Hopeful meeting or lack thereof
Brandon was very good at getting into the self-conscious mind and energy of my person. He affirmed some things for me and helped guide me on how to get him to respond without negativity. It worked although not as I hoped but I got what I needed so I can let go an move on to the NEW guys. He even apologized about not wanting to provide any negative character traits the next day when I called him back to tell him the response I received from my friend. Most psychics won't admit that.
- Briana
Brandon was very much accurate about everything.I was shock but he definitely knew what was going with my situation he’s gifted for sure.
- Zoe
Amazing, Trustworthy, Incredible.
Brandon was great, he picked up on everything. He is compassionate and very easy to tell him your issues, concerns, and/or fears. He will tell you details about your issue even before you can tell him. He will be the one I go to from now on. I wish I could give him all the stars of the universe instead of only 5 stars!!! MUST TRY HIM!!! He is very gifted.
- Crescent Moon
Thank you
He picked up on a lot of things, accurate & did not sugar coat. I left the reading with understanding & clarity. Thank you.
- V
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