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Clairvoyance runs in my veins. Various members of my family going back several generations practiced many sacred Cuban traditions, which is the reason I started communicating with spirits at an early age. It began as a friendly red apple named Red that would keep me company while I slept and played video games. He would give me advice about school and life.

When I first started practicing my gift, I was calling upon spirits on my porch with my sister. One day I heard a voice identifying herself as my great-great grandmother “Lisabet” on my father’s side. She revealed a personal family secret that was never shared with me before. Since I was never told about Lisabet, I later confronted my grandfather with this information, and to my surprise he confirmed that his mother named Elizabeth was a psychic in Cuba. He also confirmed the secret revealed to me to be accurate. Since then, I’ve had many occasions where I simply knew something to be true without knowing why. Things like birthdays, names, pregnancies, and more.


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Brandon was very much accurate about everything.I was shock but he definitely knew what was going with my situation he’s gifted for sure.
- Zoe
Amazing, Trustworthy, Incredible.
Brandon was great, he picked up on everything. He is compassionate and very easy to tell him your issues, concerns, and/or fears. He will tell you details about your issue even before you can tell him. He will be the one I go to from now on. I wish I could give him all the stars of the universe instead of only 5 stars!!! MUST TRY HIM!!! He is very gifted.
- Crescent Moon
Thank you
He picked up on a lot of things, accurate & did not sugar coat. I left the reading with understanding & clarity. Thank you.
- V
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