Angel Love
Angel Love
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I am pure Clairvoyant, specializing in love and anything related. I am honest but kind, caring but informative, with a total understanding of the make-up of the human heart.


I was born psychic but discovered my gift around the age of 13. My grandmother was psychic, so I naturally inherited her gift. For 35 years now I have been bringing hope, happiness and peace of mind to my clients. It’s important that you know that I love what I do and I do not take this responsibility for granted. I am always so honored when you seek out my guidance. I’ve enjoyed and treasured being your psychic and will help with any issue you bring before me, although love, romance, spirituality are highest on my list.


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OMG!!!!! She is amazing! You all need to call her. Talk about a real and true authentic psychic. She not only gives you her predictions but she cares about the customer's issues. Thank you for the prayer I truly need them.
- Fran
Wow this is my first time speaking with this wonderful woman. Must say I loved her reading, loved her calm and her energy, I myself is a psychic and I knee the minute she started speaking she's the real deal I have come away from this reading feeling very comforted on all the topics we discussed..1000 stars
- Miss P
The auntie wit the answers
Such a Beautiful soul thank you for always be there 5& more call her now
- T.M
Thank you
Thank you amazing give her a try
- T.m
How work speaks for itself call now Thank you
- T.m
She is just amazing and was in point about it all. I couldn’t be more grateful enough to talk to her. Talking to someone that is spot on and knows everything as if she has known you for years is everything. Didn’t have to explain to much. She is amazing I would Recommend her first!. Thank you again my love.
- miya hatfield
Questions answered.
Angel Love is a good person to talk to. She is very understanding and nice to talk to.
- Kathy
Thank you
The reading was very kind and thorough and gave me the answers I needed.
- auralove
I would like to say I truly do appreciate you for guiding me through the toughest situation I feel relief when talking to you very sweet and kind
- T
Very Pleasant, and Welcoming, l know for sure one detail we discussed she was accurate about, she also gave me unrelated helpful information that will be beneficial to me, I would recommend her. Thanks so much
- Gemini
Very Pleasant, and Welcoming, l know for sure one detail we discussed she was accurate about, she also gave me unrelated helpful information that will be beneficial to me, I would recommend her. Thanks so much
- Gemini
Thank you
We got cut off but everything was answered within the time limit. I called to get some type of clarity. She was accurate with my POI & confirmed things that I had feelings about. Her reading made sense to the situation and I like how she give me advice on the situation. She did not sugar coat and did not tell me things I wanted to hear. She does take some time to tap into so please be patient but wants she takes off, she takes off. loved her honesty. thank you. Will call again.
- liveyourbestlife
Mind blowing Predictions
She predicted last year that my sister would have a baby girl this year (naturally) after 8 years of trying and it shockingly happened this year. All her predictions for my entire family and myself are mind blowing accurate. She is one of the best. Do not waste your time and money anywhere else.
- HW
She was everything plus some I needed to hear all what she told and I will use her advice. Let’s see how this goes
- Adrianna
She was absolutely correct. Everything she said was true. Looking forward to her prediction coming to pass. Will definitely call back. Thank you soooooo much!!!!
- PrincessKyia
- marie
Love Life
Angel love gave me an amazing accurate reading she is no nice, on point, patient, try her you won't be dissapponted
- Tiny5555
A True Treasure
Angel is the best possible name for this lovely reader!! She helped me so much!! Thank you
- Michelle
The best
Very good Psychic one of the best I ever spoke to and I’ve spoke to quite a few she gave me insight on my marriage and the evil people who are trying to break it up I wish I could talk to her again she really made my day and made clarity into my life. I was so Louis confuse heart I was getting all these different messages from different psychics but with her I felt like she was in tuned with me I gave her if they had 100 star rating I’d give her 100+
- Maryann
Hi mrs a thank u so much for your reading you were right about everything I will let u know the good news love u so much and I will come back again
- Gwen
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