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I am a first rate intuitive who does not need tools to read. As a conduit I will tune into your energy to deliver fast, free flowing and decisive facts to you.


At 3 years old I was able to tell my 5 siblings what was in their Christmas packages prior to them opening them. The accuracy in which I was able to do this got my mother’s attention but she wasn’t surprised because she knew she was seeing the first signs of the gift that her mother also had. My grandmother was intuitive and I had inherited her gift. I continued being good with numbers, perceptions, depictions and predictions. Over the years I’ve worked with all types of people, from juveniles to geriatrics, and in various localities.  I’ve worked in a metaphysical shop. I’ve taught pre-school.  I’ve worked in retail. I’ve worked as a medical assistant. I’ve worked in the Alzheimer unit of a retirement facility.  In all these different environments I’ve been able to use my gift to guide, strengthen and revitalize. For the past 20 years, I have followed my true calling which has always been a psychic reader.


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Congratulations for having Vicki on your psychic network. I talk only with her. She is one of the best. Very nice person and everything she told me has been true.
- Elani
Very precise
It's always a pleasure talking to Vicki because she's very caring and precise. She will provide information that gives you confidence because it's so exact and detailed. Keep up the great work Vicki.
- T.A.
Awesome Reading
This is the most positive uplifting reading that I have had with this site. Vicki tuned into me without asking questions and gave me great comfort in knowing that I have made the right choice to take on a new teaching position. Thank you Vicki!
- cacteacher
made me think
- corrina
1st time
it was helpful
- corrina
really helpful
thank you
- corrina
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