Jean Monae
Jean Monae
Ext: 3344
I am a Best-Selling Author  and Spiritual Astrologer, here to alleviate your worries and steer you toward what you desire to manifest in your life.


I strive to reach more people, help them find their voice, and further re-discover their worth the way I found mine – through spirituality. Thanks to my guided meditations, and in-depth readings, I’ve been able to guide friends and clients through existential crises, help couples re-ignite their flame, and provide new found confidence in young adults pursuing a job for the first time. The universal energy flows through us all. We are all connected as one. Once you and I begin to talk, a unique connection will begin to form and I can guide you with advice of the highest order for you. This isn’t just any old generic reading. Each reading is catered to you specifically, to your way of thinking, to your way of living and your own path.  

Whatever is on your mind, you’ve come to the right place to let it all out, and unwind. To ease the struggles that life throws our way.


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