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I am a medium and a messenger of the Orunmila, Supreme Divinity. I am father of the Divination Sage and High Priest of IFA, Master in the knowledge of the Spiritual.  I am not a dream seller but a hope giver and a soul healer. My mother was a gifted medium who helped many in their quest to connect with their loved ones, and at 8 years old I was initiated in the OSHA or IFA rules.  I have been doing this professionally for 39 years and another 7 years before that on a personal level.  I am often asked what areas I specialize in and my answer always is, everything concerning all humans intellectually, socially, spiritually and emotionally. I speak several languages and have always read for a diverse clientele, breaking down all cultural barriers.


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Baba is everything ..
I called and asked him a few things he picked up instantly .. I also when I could expect some money I was waiting for and the day he gave was indeed correct . A lot things nana has predicted has came to pass. Very gifted !
- A.S.
Amazing and on point 👉
He knew things I was thinking before I could say them. I am so happy and will Def take the advice and sad I ran out of money. I will keep him as a advisor
- S Darling
He knew my husband that i have. Been separated from and made me aware of the regret he has I need not say I don't take cheaters back so that was what I told him. He told me he has not cheated or had relationship with anyone And told me he will be back in 13 days he will randomly message me But he told me to stay quiet I am I think it is awful that I have to deal with this I have faith I.n my advisor
- Desperate susie
Love talking to babalawo he really teaches me how to deal with my relationship
- Donna
What are you waiting for
He’s amazing take off with lots of. Information thank you …. Thank you so much u rock
- C.c
He’s Just amazing
5+5 starts he’s jus amazing thank you & happy holidays always a great conversation…….. very gifted say call himmmmmmmmmmmmm now
- T.m
The Great Baba!
Thank you so much for all the help you’ve given me! Thank you for always providing accurate readings. You have such a great personality and I love that you really know what your doing. Thank you to the greatest Baba there is!!!❤️
- Chassy
My guy
He so down to earth & amazing tells it like it is always spot on!!! With the information call baba he can guide you
- C.m
He was great! So much detail and knew info only certain people who are privy to the situation would know. Also, really funny!. Thanks Baba!
- Chantel
Time and time again
He is The Truth
- M.B.
Get the answers too all the ?s
5 stars is not enough call him he’s so Spot on without you saying anything things I never told him he said mouth was open on this Call call nowwwwwwww wow
- 5.5 stars
Baba is Awsome
I’ve talked to Baba a few times over a year and he is great everything he says is true and comes to light his advice is amazing he is funny, smart and a great person to talk to when your feeling down or don’t know what’s going on in your life. I adore him.
- Essence
My Absolute !!!!!
There are few words that can be written about this amazingly gifted human being. He is the Truth, he is on Target and he is the Best. You will not be disappointed, but you must be ready.
- Monique M Brooks
Gave me much hope it’s not about a girl it’s about finances , ignore him and he shall return !
- TrueStory
The best
Always good to talk with you because everything you does come to pass thanks so very much for putting up with me give him a call u won't regret it
- Polly
The best try him I promise u won't regret it
Baba is the best all he have to do is here my voice and already know who I am he hasn't failed me yet he says be patient Paula every thing is going to be alright I truly believe him thanks my friend and patient I will have chat with you real soon
- Polly51
Always Awesome
Baba has the realist gift ever! He’s always always always accurate! He has natural ability to see everything possible!
- Chas
The One and Only One
He's the one, the one they call The Seventh Son. Magnificent.
- CeeDee
He asked my POI name and explained everything I need to know about my POI. He kept explaining to me and said my POI still loves me and we will reconcile. On top of that he described how he look and my mouth just dropped. Although his a accent, he was able to clarify some of the things. I’m definitely going to reach out to Baba later this week.
- Purple Jewel
Baba he is such a great man, communication he was calming and compassionate throughout our call I am impress with so much he knew.
- Xoxo
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