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I am a medium and a messenger of the Orunmila, Supreme Divinity. I am father of the Divination Sage and High Priest of IFA, Master in the knowledge of the Spiritual.  I am not a dream seller but a hope giver and a soul healer. My mother was a gifted medium who helped many in their quest to connect with their loved ones, and at 8 years old I was initiated in the OSHA or IFA rules.  I have been doing this professionally for 39 years and another 7 years before that on a personal level.  I am often asked what areas I specialize in and my answer always is, everything concerning all humans intellectually, socially, spiritually and emotionally. I speak several languages and have always read for a diverse clientele, breaking down all cultural barriers.


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He is super friendly and accurate. His energy is extremely peaceful and loved talking to him.
- Jr
Eye opening
Thank you sooo much for telling me about what is happening to my spouse. It makes perfect sense and I believe you 100%. I will return again.
- CountryGal
Amazing Read !!!
I wanted a read because I really was worried about my relationship. I chose Baba because his pic just jumped out at me. Yesterday, I talked with Baba, and right into the phone call, He said, you're going to get a phone call later on today. She's going to call you and blow up and blame you for a lot of things. Must I say, she had blocked me and wasn't calling me. And she won't call once she's like that. But a couple hours later, I went outside to shed some tears and collect my thoughts. I was on my iphone when her call came though on my old phone. I was so stunned that I almost dropped the phone. When I picked it up, she was blowing up and blaming me for everything. Everything that he said was on point and accurate. HE IS THE BEST. If I were you, I would stick with him! Thank you so much Baba
- Reggie1985
First reader on here and I’m pleased
He is very intuned and it’s nice to see things from a male perspective when it comes to relationship issues , reassured me on things I’ve been worried about and very easy to talk to, thank you :)
- Kayla
Very good
Man I tell you I been reading with him about a year but when I tell you he is good he is time frame might be a little off but one thing for sure he nows what he's talking about love u and I will be calling you in the morning so I hope u be on my friend and thank you very much for being patient with me because you no I do have a little attitude but one thing about you u don't pay it no mind love you big guy your friend til the end Pollyann
- Polly
First reading
He was accurate on a lot of things and I could see his perspective when it comes to my POI. I was told my POI would contact me within 24 hours which was a Friday night and its now Sunday night with no contact from POI. He told me not contact him so I'm going to take the advice. I don't relay to much on time frames as they can be off. I will see if POI does contact me but as far as the reading went he was 100% on the money. I would call back & going to take his advice regarding POI.
- Vl
Master Psychic
Direct, to the point, accurate, powerful connection with Spirit. Thank you🙏
- Marbella
He is great
I like Baba first time talking with him and it was great. So great I added more minutes. I will definitely call me again next month for a update. Sorry the phone hung up. But thanks for everything 😇
- Spelmyra
Excellent in all ways.
- Cristie
Unique is the most appropriate word i could find. Reads with raw truth, honesty, and humor. When i need to know...
- Christina
yes right
So he was right the first PoI responded right back just like he said he would will be back later to see if what he predicted about POI today comes to past.
- Was right the first time
Very good
Very good reading
- Anonymous
Left me speechless
He knew about my career without me saying anything. It is a joy talking to him:
- Sophia
Call him you won't regret it
Mr. Babalawo has picked up things that I did not tell him like where I live, my major. He also told me I am going back to school for a second major. He also told me things that will happen in the future. So, I'll come back when things happen. This is not my last reading, l'll be coming back to Mr. Babalawo, he is the truth.
- Anne
Another amazing reading!
I had to call him back after our reading on October 4. He told me that my person would reached out on the 9th day exactly on that day he was at my door. He is so accurate.. now waiting for his other new predictions to happen. Thanks so much!
- Sophia
He is spot on every time we talk. He is very honest and kind. He’s my go to guy for any concerns or questions I have. Thank you Baba you’re amazing !!
- Asia
Blew me away
Thanks so much for being direct, honest & very conforming. I can’t wait for your predictions.
- Sophia
Excellent Timing !
Wonderful reading ! Everything has come to pass ! Thank you !!
- M
I can’t wait to hear of his predictions very sweet man made me laugh. Uplifting his biography is very honest and empathetic and seems very caring. I’ll leave a second review once I hear the results. And to be honest I plan on keeping my connection with him.
- Anonymous
Ile inde girl
Omg🙏🙏 my reading this is my go to psychic now I wish I have more funding to talk more 👍👍
- 509 girly
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