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I am a trusted intuitive Empath, Tarot and Angel card reader, here to light your pathway.


I am an empath as well as a tarot and angel card reader, and for about 25 years now I have been lighting the pathway for family, friends and anyone who needed a clearer perspective.  

At the age of 10 I knew there was something special about me. I was living in a very old house at the time and it was there that I had my first paranormal experience. However I did not start paying attention to what my higher self was telling me until my late teens.


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Thank you Brie for always being there for me. Your insight is amazing and I really appreciate all that you do.
- Angel
Amazing reader
Explained a lot she was very accurate
- Lolo
What's next.
Brie is everything in one person. She never refuses any subjects that I need to speak about. She is knowlwedgeable is many areas. And is always consistant with her deminor. She is very uplifting, also. Thank you, Brie.
- Kathy
She’s awesome
Love talking to her she’s awesome and very honest .
- Gemini ♊️
Very nice!
Brie was lovely to talk to and gave straightforward answers, without sugar-coating, but at the same time providing insights into any given situation. Highly recommend!
- K.
I found a Gem
Let me tell you about this lovely lady. She may not give you a big long speech of this or that from birth till your dying day. But! What she does do is give you an answer to your specific question. You have questions she's got answers. Thank you brie
- Yesenia
Accurate and kind
Brie has has been so far always accurate with times and everything she told me came to pass! She is my go to psychic who besides being accurate is also very kind and caring. Love her!
- I
Good work.
Brie was very pleasant and I trusted her instincts. She confirmed what I thought was true. Kathy.
- Kathy
Always accurate
I’ve been speaking with Brie for quite a while and everything she predicted came to pass. Not only that she is accurate but she’s also very compassionate and kind. My go to lady psychic. Love her! She’s The Best!
- I
Talented and Accurate
I took a chance to try Brie one evening and I was not disappointed. She is patient and a pleasure to speak to. She was very accurate and kept a positive attitude no matter what I asked or shared with her.
- Dee
Love taking to Brie. Very nice and on the point. Goes right to answers and doesn’t waist your time.
- I
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