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Hello, and welcome! My name is Sarah. I’m an artist and intuitive, offering dream interpretation and card readings. I go by the moniker Lion or Fox, an intuitive image that came to me years ago, and has served as a heading for my work using tarot, archetypes, and dreams as elements of creative process. The image follows me here, foregrounding my role as a multi-disciplinary, invisible support system for my community (fox), doing so through leadership and advisory (lion).


Since childhood I’ve had a deep connection with nature, and over the years I’ve worked to cultivate relationships to dreams, cards, the body, earth and water, intuition and mindfulness - bringing light to the connection between embodied experience and more invisible threads. I‘ve held a yoga practice for 18 years, and am a former teacher. In addition to the above practices, I engage with and am available to advise on: breath-work, cold water therapy, visualization and creative movement. I work with stones, tarot, animal medicine, and oracle cards, and in dream-work I like to use cards as a way to access hidden information. In my readings, I primarily work with dream and card images as reflections of the self (the client), rather than outside objects - although of course, there are exceptions to every rule!  

I’ve dedicated years to studying the visual arts, obtaining a BFA in Painting and Drawing, and a Masters in Fibers. My tarot reading style reflects the teachings of Lindsay Mack, creator of Soul Tarot. I have since studied archetypes and dreams for over 10 years independently, with professional processors, through This Jungian Life’s Dream School, and with a weekly dream group. I am a constant student of collective symbolism, and believe that in readings, the act of communal story weaving helps to mend the collective fabric, as well as our individual lives.


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