Ext: 1975
I am an empath, gifted in the tarot, runes, astrology charts and pendulum. I also experience visions of future events.


My first real vision was at the age of 14. I was answering my friends’ questions before they asked them. Somehow I just knew what they wanted to know. This kept happening and still does today. When I was 17, I dreamt of an event that transpired the next day. Sadly I woke up to friends calling me and confirming to me what I had already known.  

I have been reading professionally since my early twenties. Various sources and guides have steered me in the direction of accuracy and truth.  In addition to reading palms and using the tarot, I’ve been blessed with the ability to see through the veil of spirits stuck on this plain. With these skills, along with the help of my guides, and the use of other sources such as astrology and the pendulum, I am able to reveal accurate and definitive answers to the most difficult questions.

I practice yoga, spiritualism, natural healing through herbs and crystals. I meditate to receive any downloads from spirit and to cleanse the body of negativity.


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