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I am a mystic, intuitive counselor, and metaphysical guide, providing insight into all types of issues with a specific emphasis on relationships.


I was very fortunate to have come from a family of healers and wise women, born and raised in Salem Massachusetts.  When I was 3 years old my Grandmother, who was a shaman, taught me how to read cards, palms, and tea leaves, she felt I was the perfect one in the family to pass her gifts on to. I have been reading for 40 years and for about 30 of those years I’ve been guided by a good friend and motivational speaker with extensive knowledge as a medium and astrologer. I also read daily metaphysical subjects, ancient history, and orgone energy. There is a sense of peace when I have helped someone, from a negative mode into a positive one. My goal is to achieve happiness in their lives for them 


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Public Service
Amber is my absolute go to on this line. She is a "Public Service" to us all. Never let her go. Amber is sharp, witty and knows her stuff. Her readings are excellent and on point.
- JS
Therapist/ Psychic/ Friend
She's great. Solid quit answers. Real and down to earth. When she speaks you believe it.
- A
I always feel like it's just never enough time :( I wish I had her personal number truly...
- Kezie Danae
The absolute best
I have called Amber for a reading twice now. She has really helped me build my confidence and encourage me. During the reading, she was able to tell me about where I am in my life and the things that are to come. After my first reading, I saw that things were going in the direction that Amber told me they would, and I was so excited. I called Amber back a few weeks later for another reading, she was very honest and upfront but also very humorous. The reading with Amber is the best one I have ever had so far. I would highly recommend her as I will definitely be calling her back for readings in the near future.
- Anita
Love And Relationship
I just got off the phone with her and she was AMAZING, she picked up on a few things without me telling her, pray everything she says will come to pass
- Latay
Amazing reader
Wish I had more time, definitely will call back
- Lindaramos
In the moment she really helps to build a positive reinforcement with her advice. Says the person of interest has karma coming to him. Only time can really tell if her predictions happen.
- Tryagain3
Courage to Let it all go
I called to ask if a letter I sent to a person was received and read. After 3 years of being in somebodies energy for so long, I saw he married his toxic partner. This was my opportunity to state everything, how I fell in love with him, forgave myself for not addressing situations when they came up and why I didn't. I told him I also forgave him for his harsh ridicule he gave me and his it made me feel. I felt that 100 lbs came off my shoulder. It effected my weight, my work etc. Amber congratulated me for doing this. Said it effected him immensely. Said this marriage was about $ no love. Said it won't last very long but who cares, really. Thank you Amber
- Fire of Aries
Loved my reading. Picked up immediately
- lumi
Waiting to See What Happens
On 7/28/2018 - I reached out to Amber. I have had a connection with a man for awhile (3 years) to be exact. I tried to get rid of it. However, every person I have talked to has told me, he will be back. On this sit and other sites. Amber is very knowledgeable in manifesting situations only if she sees it is to both peoples advantage. She won't let me let go o this yet. So many planets are retrograding and eclipses and full moons ae occurring, the entire month of August is gonna be a struggle to get through. She does however, know what she is talking about. She does know how to guide you for your own good. Only if she sees it is for your own good. She has told me items to buy and how to use them and explained to me their meanings. At this time, I am still waiting, but I am keeping at it....
- Fire of Aries
Amber is by far my favorite and the absolute best in my opinion.
- Nilsa
Always a good read
Spoke to Amber on 3/11/18. All I can say is WOW! She told me how I could protect myself and my space which I tried during these Nor'easters and was she right. Thank you Amber!!
- Pat B
enjoyed every minute
- NikkiWild
Loved it!
- NikkiWild
Amber is my go to gal. I love her openness and truth on all issues. She will tell you like it is and not what you wanna hear. She is very friendly and very wise. Give her a try and you will be extremely satisfied with her psychic abilities.
- pulelehua
BOY was she right
As the time for her reading came closer, she mentioned the pre-prediction events that would take place can “happen at any time” – BOY was she right. As the time frame got closer to things happening, the pre-prediction events surely DID happen. -T.A.
- T.A.
Great reading
Great reading, awesome advice, accurate description of things in your life. It's like she has known you for a long time. -T.A.
- TA
Nice reading and advice
I followed through on the advice and got a PLR, wow I now have a clearer understanding on some things.
- LC
The very best reader. She always gives excellent advice
The very best reader. She always gives excellent advice
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