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A third generation Psychic Medium and Tarot Reader. Provides honest and straightforward answers to all your life’s questions. She will not always tell you what you want to hear but that which you need to hear divined from source energy.


I am a professional psychic and evidential medium. As a young girl my abilities began to unfold and my mediumship went largely misunderstood by the adults around her. I was told I was “really creative” with “such a vivid imagination.” In order to cope with my mediumship and the outside world, I turned to writing as an acceptable outlet where I could express myself without judgement. Learning more about my abilities and claiming them as gifts, I began practicing and refining my techniques, ultimately becoming the professional psychic and medium that I am today. My mother and grandmother were both fortune tellers who did not acknowledge their mediumship, although they were very capable and did provide that service, but did not call it as such. I was the first to add that ability.

I worked as a psychic-tarot reader for most of my teen years. In my twenties, I left that life behind to try my hand at an IT career. But 10 years ago, I started doing tarot readings at local Metaphysical Events and also privately. 


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